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Discover BG Deluxe Lab + Save on Engagement Rings. Learn More.
January's Treasure: Garnet

January's Treasure: Garnet

As everyone looks forward to a fresh slate in the new year, Garnet gets its chance to shine as January's birthstone. Garnets are a group of closely related minerals instead of an individual gem as many may think. The gemstone comes in almost every color because of its various compositions but is most known for its dark red shade. Some may say these gorgeous stones resemble small pomegranate seeds, which is why its derived from the Latin word "granatus" meaning seed-like.

Throughout history, garnets have been a popular gem worn by individuals with high power. The stone was coveted by Egyptian pharaohs and African tribal leaders throughout history. Its red hues thrived among the Aztecs, Mayans, Native and South American Indians.

There's even a bit of legend within the garnet gemstone. Garnets were believed to impart enhanced awareness and assisted with bringing creative powers to fruition. In earlier times, people thought that the blood-like colored stones would protect warriors from battle wounds and make soldiers' weapons deadlier.

Fast forward to present day, garnet is treasured as a beautiful, precious gemstone for January babies and couples who are celebrating their second anniversary of marriage. Here are some of our favorite garnet pieces available on Brian Gavin Diamonds that can make a great gift for the special woman in your life.

Cushion Checkered Garnet Pendant

Cushion Garnet Ring

Round Cab Garnet Halo

Round Garnet Earrings

Square Garnet Studs

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