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A Forever Travel Partner: Samer and Emelie’s Engagement

A Forever Travel Partner: Samer and Emelie’s Engagement

For those who love to travel, going on long adventures is always better when you have someone to share it with. Experiencing new cultures, taking in the sights and embracing new surroundings are all that much better when you have that special someone by your side, and when Brian Gavin Diamonds customer Samer met his future wife Emelie, he realized he had found a travel partner for life.

After meeting at a mutual friend's party in Sweden, Samer and Emelie quickly fell in love and not too long after, decided to go on their first long travel together to Krabi, Thailand! In this first adventure, the two hiked hand-in-hand the over 2,000 steps up "Tiger Cave" mountain to reach the Big Buddha statue. Finally reaching the end of their hike atop "Tiger Cave" mountain and gazing over the beautiful landscape, the couple realized this trip would ignite a passion for traveling that lived inside both of them.

"Emelie and I are crazy about travels and exploring the world, nature and different culture all across the world." – Samer

For years, the couple traveled the globe together, falling even more in love with each adventure. Two more times, the pair would make the 2,000 step trek up "Tiger Cave" to visit the place where it all began. Little did Emelie know that her third trip in January 2019 would be the one visit she would cherish for the rest of her life.

Samer knew he had found the love of his life and there was only one place he could possibly propose: in front of the Big Buddha statue at "Tiger Cave." But before planning his grand proposal, he had to get the ring! Wanting to find the perfect diamond, Samer reached out to our team of diamond experts at Brian Gavin Diamonds.

"I chose BGD because have AGS certificates on diamonds, and show the ideal scope, H&A and ASET images." – Samer

Once in contact with Samer, our team consulted with him every step of the way to find the perfect diamond, shape and cut that was just right for Emelie, making sure the ring would be absolutely stunning for the proposal.

After shipping, "I even got emails telling me how to take care of the diamond and what to think about." – Samer

Seven years after their last visit to the Big Buddha statue, Samer convinced his future fiancé it was time to visit the place of their first big adventure again. This time, he would have something special tucked away in his pocket. After so many years, the couple realized their stamina was not quite where it was when they last made the hike, but Samer knew the reward at the top of those 2,000 steps would be well worth it.

After a few jokes and some much-needed picture breaks, the couple made it to the Big Buddha statue. Embracing the beautiful scenery, Samer got down on one knee and popped the question of a lifetime. Overjoyed, Emelie, of course, said yes!

"I'm truly happy that he proposed to me at that special place in Thailand. I love that he did it in his way, in a very personal and loving way. 19th of January 2019 was one of the best days of my life!"- Emelie

We couldn't be more excited for this amazing couple and wish them the best as they travel through life with one another. If you are on the hunt for a breathtaking engagement ring for your special someone, drop us a line and let us help you create a magical moment of your own.

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