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Facebook Messages from Some of our Brian Gavin Titanium Diamond Pin Winners…

Facebook Messages from Some of our Brian Gavin Titanium Diamond Pin Winners…

We thought you'd like to see some of the fabulous Facebook messages we have been receiving from the winners – here goes!!!
  • Hi Brian, This is fantastic! I'm going to surprise my wife with this. Oh wow. TYVM. cheers!
  • Brian thank you so much!! Tomorrow is my birthday and this is the best present/surprise!! I've been checking back religiously on the website to see if I was a winner. Great idea on the giveaway, pure genius!
  • Thanks so much Brian, that's awesome!!!!
  • Thanks so much! the pin is beautiful and its my birthday today! What a great birthday present!
  • Dear Brian, thank you for your generosity! I am thrilled to have my very own Brian Gavin diamond!
  • Hi Brian, Lesley, Denise and Jamie! I hope you are doing well! Thank you so much for this present! That's so exciting! Rose Titanium? Wow!
  • Woohoo! Thanks so much Brian, Lesley and the rest of the BGD team! I am still catching Steph staring at the BGD creation on her finger, hope she does not go blind once the wedding band goes on as well in 2 weeks!
  • I am so thrilled!! Seriously thrilled. I'm actually flying to the US tomorrow for two weeks – I'll be staying with my sister in Idaho. Maybe the gorgeous pin can be posted there?? SO excited-never won anything before!!
  • OMG are you kidding??? How awesome is that??? What a great email to wake up to this morning! Thank you guys SOOOO much!
  • Thank You! 🙂 looks beautiful!
  • wonderful- thank you!
  • Oh my stars, I am so excited!!! =) Thank you so much for letting me know about the pin, I am so so happy!!
  • Thank you so much!!!! I'm thrilled to be one of the winners! 🙂
  • Yay! Thanks so much!
  • Hi Brian, Really??? wow, I'm so excited. I will definitely share this wonderful news 🙂
  • Wow! Didn't think I would actually win!
  • Awww…thanks Brian! I'm so glad you and Lesley are doing so well. It makes my heart happy. Much Love and thanks. I'm honored.
  • Wow thank you!
  • AWESOME!!! I never win anything 🙂
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