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April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds
April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds
Excerpts from E-mails sent in to Brian Gavin Diamonds….

Excerpts from E-mails sent in to Brian Gavin Diamonds….

We receive many wonderful e-mails on a daily basis from former and future customers wanting to work with us on a diamond and/or custom setting project. We thought you would like to have a peek behind the scenes…ENJOY!

  • Hi Lesley! I was hoping that when I sent off my email, you'd be the one to respond! I enjoyed working with you at Whiteflash, so I am wanting to work with you again here!
  • Hello, I will be looking to purchase an engagement ring in the next 30-45 days. At this point I'm just trying to gather as much info as possible and narrow down my list of possible vendors. I've researched vendors and have found a lot of great information on Pricescope – let me say that your organization has quite the sterling reputation.
  • Hello – I found your sight by searching for custom 5 stone rings and love the hearts and arrows diamonds. I am interested in a 5 stone classic u-prong ring made in 18K white gold. Thanks much for your response – the rings on your blog are exceptional!
  • Thanks for all your help. We look forward to hearing from you and working with both you and Brian. The work you to do really touches people's lives and hearts in special ways. All differently depending on where they are coming from in life – treasure that gift because ya'll make a special team and the gift you give stays in people's lives forever. That is why we want it to be special in every way from you and Brian. Thank You.
  • Brian/Lesley, I have read some very great things about yourselves on pricescope. I am looking into purchasing an engagement ring and I was hoping you may be able to help. I am located in Australia which complicates things, but not too much.
  • Hi Lesley!… I check your website every morning before I go to the Pricescope site to see what beautiful thing you and Brian have been working on lately. I've been so impressed with the quality of the work your shop turns out. Each piece is more beautiful and unique than the one before it. I have confidence in working with you, not only from what I am seeing (pretty darned phenomenal quality) but because of the lovely email exchanges we have had in the past. I hope you and Brian have been well and happy since we last "chatted".
  • Hi Lesley, I just wanted to let you know that it was so helpful talking to Brian this morning; he really was able to work out what I liked and wanted, even though I didn't know! I really like the cad design that he has forwarded me and think that I will want to go in this direction (I adore the design it is so pretty!) I just had a couple of questions for Brian and was wondering if you could pass them on to Brian so that he can respond when he has a chance?… I'm so excited that Brian was able to get inside my head and help me work out what I want! After talking with him this morning, I realized I probably don't want a ring like half the designs I sent him so it was extremely helpful 🙂 Thank you both again for your time, help and patience, I am really excited about this project 🙂
  • Hi Lesley , Once again I commend you on your quick and efficient replies , I wish everyone in Australia would email me that quick.
  • Good morning Brian and Lesley! I have heard so many great things about the two of you on that I felt I had to contact you to help me with the search for an engagement ring. This ring will actually be for me. 🙂 My boyfriend wants me to pick something that I like, so he won't really be involved until the payment process. 😉
  • Lesley, I'm assuming that you will be the one reading this e-mail..…You sold me the diamond for my mom's wedding ring a couple of years ago when you were still with Whiteflash….You also helped my daughter when she got engaged about that time too. I'm writing to you because I bought a pendant from a customer that had you make it for her about 5 years ago. It has 3 diamonds, each .25c, expert selection, I color, SI clarity. I'm considering having this pendant taken apart and putting the stones into two pairs of diamond studs for my daughters. Of course I would need a 4th .25c diamond to do this….
  • Well, I can't believe I have tracked down Brian and Lesley! You probably don't remember me but I have a few pieces from WF that I love and now I'd like to finally start working on my 2 or 3 carat diamond bracelet project. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
  • Leslie, I've been looking to purchase an engagement ring — and have been doing my due diligence. Different paths keep leading back here – it seems nobody can say enough good things about Brian Gavin Diamonds.
  • Hi Leslie, I'm so excited to be sending you this email! Longtime Pricescope member here – been mostly lurking since 2005 I guess? Anyway, I'd love to get a quote from you on a pendant.
  • Hi Brian and Lesley, I have read some wonderful things about you on Pricescope and I am interested in some information about purchasing an e-ring upgrade/anniversary ring from you. I am in love with your truth solitaire with heart prongs (perhaps with 2 surprise sapphires on the inside -one pink, one blue) and I am wanting to get as close to a 6mm diamond as I can within a budget of between $2-3K for the diamond. Would you be able to tell me how much the truth solitaire would be and show me some diamonds in that range?
  • hi, i've been perusing your site these past few weeks and i'm pretty impress with your work. I was looking at the 3 prong martini and the custom made hinge back. I was wondering if I can get prices on these. I was thinking of pairing them each with the .4 ct j/vs2's from your inventory at about 600 each. Any info would be appreciated and also, what's the time frame of getting them from order to shipment. Thank you very much.
  • Hi! I'm very interested in a 5-stone ring in a basket setting, to be used as an engagement ring. I saw this piece of work you did and thought it was lovely: . Could I please get price estimates for a similar ring in platinum with H&A .25 pointers, preferably F/VS or G/VS? Also, if I could get another price estimate w/ H&A .30 pointers? Thank you so much!
  • Hi, I am in the market for an engagement ring setting. I have not purchased a stone yet, although I plan on doing so in the near future. (I am looking at a OMC from good old gold). I have been frequenting your website over the past few months and have been blown away by your quality craftsmanship. As a dental student I am very detail oriented and can really appreciate the work that goes into producing a great product. Anyway, the setting that I am particularly enamored with is your fishtail pave setting.

And here are some of our latest Testimonials:

Hi Lesley, All I can say about my ring is Oh My God! It is so beautiful : ) I never expected it to turn out so well. Today was the first time wearing it out and there were so many people staring and so many good reactions to it. You know in the beginning I was concerned about how well the coverage would be with my larger ring size, but it work out to be the perfect size for me. It also looks great with my 3mm plain platinum wedding band. I cannot see myself wanting to buy from anywhere else. You and Brian are kind and really made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process, I could not ask for anything more. I love it so very much!!! Thank You! Cynthia

Hello Lesley, I received the diamond today – it's stunning! I've left feedback on PriceScope, but wanted to share my thoughts with you as well and say thanks for everything. I would like to send the stone to Mark Morrell in early/Mid-November, so I will get back in touch with you before then to find out the best way to send the stone back to you first. Until then – thanks so much! This stone will bring me years of joy Regards, Vanessa P.S. I meant to include that my hubby is in absolute awe! He said that he's never seen anything so sparkly and that it looks like a perfect glittering snowflake. Ah, men can have a way with words at times! Thanks again 🙂

Hola Lesley!I am so excited I am speaking Spanish ha:-) ! I didn't expect to hear from you on a holiday weekend but of course I was delighted to get your email and I have just purchased the diamond online. LM is expecting the stone so please go ahead and send it to him. Thanks again for making this all so easy for me. You guys are the best. I hope to come back to you again in the future for help cutting/setting some colored gems or perhaps help with a wedding band and I will be sure to refer you to everyone I meet! Best wishes, Brad

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