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“The Spiral of Love”  Diamond Anniversary Ring by Brian Gavin…

“The Spiral of Love” Diamond Anniversary Ring by Brian Gavin…

Hello Lesley, I'm hoping that you will be able to help me with my engagement ring search. I think you're getting enough emails and I understand how busy you're, so I do not want to repeat the same things that you and Brian probably have heard already thousands times; how impressed I am with the quality of you work, stones, designs etc. So I'll skip directly to the business 🙂

Igor contacted us in the third week of September. He was looking to create an engagement ring for his wife as he had not given her one in Russia when they were married, as it was not the custom. He had a fairly tight time line but we felt that we could take on the project and deliver in time.

Lesley, with your response pace my chances for getting this ring on time are greatly improving. 🙂

He was considering 3 Brian Gavin Signature H & A diamonds – a 1.51 I VS2, a 1.23 H VS2 and a 1.21 F VS2. He requested a picture of the 3 diamonds in a row which we gladly provided. He asked us to help him to select the right combination of quality and price. He ultimately selected the 1.23 ct.

He e-mailed us some inspiration pictures for the setting – he wanted his version of 3-stone anniversary ring with 2 Brian Gavin Signature diamond melee hammer set on either side of the outside of the shank. We got to work and e-mailed him the CAD rendering for his approval. We cast the setting in 18K white gold, set the 3 diamonds and had it shipped out to him in time.

Lesley, I just picked up the ring. It's not just fabulous, it's stunning! I'm extremely grateful for the work you and Brian have done on a very tight timeline and how you helped me along the way. The ring is far beyond high expectations I had. Everything, from the stone itself to the ratio of the setting and stone dimensions to the elegance of the complete ring, the craftsmanship, looks just perfect to me. I think it's exactly the ring I had in my mind and was not able to describe when we started this project. You've got everything just right or better. I hope (actually I'm almost sure) that my wife will share the same opinion. I'll keep you posted on my wife's reaction. I'm not sure that I'm a right person to come up with a name for such beautiful ring but what about "The Spiral of Love" ? Thank you so much! Igor

Lesley, just wanted to thank you again. I gave the ring to my wife this morning and she was in shock and speechless (still is and it's a good thing :-)).Seriously, thank you very much for helping me to make a such wonderful and memorable present. Everybody who's seen a ring so far in person or pictures of it was amazed and everybody was asking who made it. I'm more than happy to share your contact information. I will be also posting on regarding a great experience I had working with you and Brian. Igor

The process in pictures….

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