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Kelly's "Nightingale" Engagement Ring

Diamond Rings, Earrings and Pendants Delight Brian Gavin's Customers...

Hi, FedEx just dropped of the diamond. Oh My gosh. What an amazing stone!!! You have made my dreams come true. I will spend more time looking at it tomorrow when I have a moment to myself (my husband is taking the kids out to a friends while I prep for dinner and make deserts). My kids are running around right now and I am prepping the christmas turkey so no real time to look at this magnificent stone. I am totally impressed with the packaging, the added loupe and gloves. What an amazing experience. I have been looking for this diamond for over a year and I am just so happy with BGD . Many many thanks. Let Mr. Gavin know I am a great fan of his work and your customer service is impecab. I hope one day I can have something made from Mr. Gavin. I will have my diamond set at a local jeweler friend next week when the Christmas rush is over. I will post pictures on pricescope. The fire on the stone for the few minutes I saw totally out shone my current .33 center stone I have. It is just gorgeous. Happy Holidays. Sandra

Hi Lesley, I love this new setting! It is so delicate and really makes the diamond pop out! I also love how the new setting shows off more of the diamond then the old one My mother in law must have noticed too. On our way out of the movie theater on Christmas, she commented that the bathroom soap managed to make her ring sparkle again, hee hee! Thank you, Brian, and the whole team for the beautiful ring! Tina

Thank you so much Lesley & Brian. It looks splendid….it has been a pleasure working with you and I hope to buy from BGD again..and again. warm regards, Sandeep

We are both still over the moon with the ring! Everyone who has seen it is genuinely very impressed with it and I feel very smug having decided to buy from yourselves! I've also been comparing rings in various stores and I have to say I'd be looking to spend at least 3-4xs what I paid with yourself to come close to the fieriness, I'm not sure how you do it but I'm glad you do! Regards Steve

Lesley-just wanted to let you know how much I love my new studs. I've never had a diamond pair and these are wonderful. Thanks also for the page of photos etc.. for each diamond-a great summary that I'll enjoy. Thanks again to you and Brian for all your help. Vicki

Happy Holidays! So great to hear from you. I know you are so busy and I keep hearing about all the wonderful BGD creations making their way onto PS. I wanted to tell you that we have had a very sunny couple of days here in California recently, and I practically need sunglasses indoors while wearing my new diamond! Oh my, does it sparkle!! Thank you once again for all your tireless hours and diligent efforts. You and Brian make so many people happy around the world with all your creations; it's so wonderful to be one of your happy customers! Very best, Vanessa

Hi Lesley, You have to work less! I'm sure it's the holiday season and you are working hard to help everybody take care of their holiday needs (and your big season), but WOW. I know this is a tiny order relative to what you guys must normally be dealing with – but who knows, this may be an e-ring purchase some day. 🙂 Kogan

Hi Lesley, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday! Thank you for sending the pictures. I received my necklace Wednesday night and it is absolutely beautiful! My husband made me put it back in the box until Christmas day, but I have been wearing it since then. The necklace is more delicate-looking than I imagined but it still looks perfect for every day wear. I am very happy with it and you have been great to work with! I look forward to working with BGD on my next project! Happy New Year! Thank you, Anna

Hi Lesley, Thank you for getting the ring done in such a short amount of time, especially during such a busy time of year for you. The pictures below are lovely and made me really look forward to receiving the actual ring. I got it yesterday and it's beautiful. It's everything I wanted the ring to be and more. It fits well and like you said, it's very delicate but still has a presence on the finger. It goes well with my wedding band… and I'm sure it will go well with my engagement ring as well (once I can wear it again). Terri

Lesley, the earrings are beautiful! I obsessively stalked the FedEx website this morning and immediately went to pick them up as soon as I saw they had arrived. I opened the box and my first reaction was – wow, they look much bigger than I expected! Although I'm slightly self-conscious, I'm sure that will pass soon as DSS sets in! My second reaction was that I couldn't believe how amazingly brilliant and sparkly they are. I know the stones I traded in were well-cut stones, but I can really see the difference between those stones and these beauties. I wondered if I could see the difference between well cut stones and ideal H&A, and I definitely can! I'm just wowed! I'm sure it helps that these stones are also bigger! The K warmth is just slightly apparent, but well worth the trade-off for this pair. Thank you all, again, for the tracking down these stones for me and rushing to get them to me in time for Christmas. They are the perfect Christmas gift! Jill

Dear Lesley, I got the package! I tore open the main box and found the 2 separate packages inside. Let me share with you, the necklace is beautiful, but you already knew that! ;). I opened the box and it was love at first sight. The work is just so fine and detailed! The first thing I did was took it near a window to see the fire dancing inside the diamond. This will be my everyday necklace to wear now. 🙂 Thanks so much, Ying

Hello Leslie, I just wanted to let you know that I have absolutely no intention of returning this diamond back to you except to have it set:) It is perfect in every way and I wanted to thank you very much for all your help and patience. I hope you have just a little more patience with me as I continue my search for a setting:) (which I also hope you can help me with) Thanks again! Glenn

Hey Lesley, Picked them up at the FedEx Depot this late am, you guys do an amazing packing job, I cannot believe all the boxes and inner boxes you use. It took me 5 min just to get to the studs! Well, they are beautiful. I am very glad I went with the La Pousette's, I was playing with them and they just don't slip off, if they slide down the post, they catch very firmly on the groove, looks like 2 grooves on the post. She is going to love them and thank you again for all of your hard work, matching the pairs, and the beautiful finished product. I will post them on PS, if you have any other pics, please email them to me today so I can incorporate them in the post. Have a Happy Holiday and a Happy, and especially Healthy New Year. I am sure you will need the rest after a hectic Christmas season. I heard you don't sleep! Bill

Lesley and Brian, I wanted to let you know we got the ring yesterday (12/24) and it fits perfectly! I must tell you I am so impressed with Brian's workmanship. I have a couple other upscale platinum pieces, but the design detail and finishing on this ring is by far superior. Everything — the prongs, the bezel, the proportions, and the finish….is perfection. And the fire and brilliance of the diamonds is a site to behold! At this point I've had the pleasure of showing it off a bit, and the responses are amazing. Everyone is blown away by this ring! People can't quit looking at it. My sister tried it on last night and I had to beg her to give it back! 🙂 She wants one identical….I will send her your way when the time comes. Thank you so much for making such a spectacular ring for me. Doug and I are so excited to be getting married and this ring makes it seem even more special. Many thanks and happy holidays! Kelly

Thank you very much for the pics and you helping me out with my last minute order. The tracking info says they are on the truck for delivery from our nearby hub. I think she'll love the earrings, they look great in the pics. Thanks again, Robert
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