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Customer Delighted by Gorgeous Brian Gavin Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

Customer Delighted by Gorgeous Brian Gavin Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

When Ryan emailed us in July, he told us that he had stumbled upon Brian Gavin Diamonds after doing diamond research online. His girlfriend had tried on some rings at a brick and mortar store and she liked the sparkle of the diamond she saw. After Ryan started his research, it was clear to him that Brian Gavin Diamonds offered a superior diamond at a great value.

Good Morning Katie, Thanks for reaching out to me. I have recently been looking to purchase an engagement ring. My girlfriend really likes the diamonds that have great sparkle to them. She tried on a ring from another store and really liked the sparkle it had compared to the other diamonds. Upon learning how they make their diamond sparkle so much it sparked my curiosity to see what else was out there with that kind of sparkle. I also thought I could possibly find a better diamond for the price. While looking I absolutely fell in love with your hearts and arrows round diamond line because of the fire, brilliance, and scintillation it has compared to the others I saw. I also appreciate the quality of diamonds you guys have. Since I am brand new to this, I open to any opinions or suggestions you have with the choosing/buying process. Thank you, Ryan

Katie went to work searching for the perfect diamond and setting for him. Ultimately, he chose a beautiful Brian Gavin Blue Diamond and our Classic Truth Sleek Micro Pave in platinum for his bride-to-be. His response to the ring and our customer service made our day.

Hi Katie, Life has been a whirlwind ever since I received the ring a couple of weeks ago but I wanted to take this time out to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping me. I honestly can't begin to express how amazing you were throughout this whole process for me. Once I discovered Brian Gavin's beautiful selection of diamonds I knew I would make my purchase from him. Since it was my first time to ever purchase anything of this magnitude (especially from the internet) I fell very blessed to have you as my ring expert. You reached out to me immediately after I registered with BGD and your insight and suggestions towards my selections gave me comfort that I've never experienced with strangers. It felt like you genuinely cared about me making the best selection for my wife. Cancelling an order, switching from H&A to Blue, selecting the band, and trying to get the ring before a certain date seemed like a huge headache that I was giving you but you were always super kind and courteous in reassuring me that everything was possible. The ring was everything you describe and more. I am still in shock and awe of it. We have gotten so many compliments on it and it makes me proud to tell people where it's from and the great customer service I experienced through the whole process. Sorry to write you a novel about my amazing experience with you and BGD ,lol, but I just wanted to express my immense gratitude towards you. (Below are just a couple of snapshots of my wife Danyel and I in Las Vegas for our wedding) Wishing you the best, Ryan

Photos of the couple in Vegas and the gorgeous ring are below.

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