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Front Shot of the Original Ring

Brian Gavin Reworks Mama Beulah’s Diamond Ring…

Esther contacted us several months ago. She had inherited her maternal grandmother's ring and wanted to consult with Brian to see how she could modify the ring to make it more modern without losing the basic original design. He kept the gallery the same, created a new wider shank and added a surprise Brian Gavin Signature melee diamond on each end. The result exceeded Esther's expectations and she sent in the following e-mail:

My Maternal Grandmother, Mama Beulah, never wanted to be called Grandmother as it made her feel old. So she created a tradition that Grandmother's in the family be called Mama with their first name after it. She always wore this ring. We believe it was her wedding ring. It has been hidden away for many years closeted and unworn. After my Nephew's wedding was announced I decided to give it a face lift and bring it and my Grandmother's presence forward. This ring brings to mind all the memories, feelings, and positive associations with her. She had delicate hands and fingers and beautiful long nails. Her nails used to click the piano keys while she played. I felt the ring was simple but there was magnificence about it like her. I was cautious not want to interfere with the integrity of antiquity during the remodeling process.

I took the ring to Brian Gavin who I call "Brian the Diamond Man." I was amazed at what a creative visionary he is. We put our images together all the while he was drawing in his mind ways to construct it. I came in for fittings and consultations throughout the process. Brian is a perfectionist. The outcome is beautiful and perfect. It is a juxtaposition of the old with the new. Now my Grandmother is in view in my mind and her ring can make an exquisite statement for all to enjoy. I shall pass it on to adorn someone else and to keep the memory of her alive. Esther

Esther's Ring is featured below…

Previous 4.260 Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Round Diamond set in a Classic Style Flat Shank Platinum Ring