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Memorial Day Weekend Event - 15% Off Wedding Bands
Memorial Day Weekend Event - 15% Off Wedding Bands
Jane's Hand Picture of her Brian Gavin 3 Stone Anniversary Ring

Brian Gavin Honored to Create 20th Anniversary 3 Stone Diamond and Sapphire Right Hand Ring

Jane contacted us via Live Chat in May. She wanted to reset her mother's 2.37 ctw round brilliant diamond into a custom designed ring in time for her 20th wedding anniversary in October.

She had been referred to our company by a loyal customer who felt that Brian would be the best person to work with. Her husband wanted to handle all aspects of the project and asked that we facilitate him working directly with Brian Gavin. She wanted a 3 stone right hand ring with blue sapphires on either side of the center stone. She said that the diamond was old and seemed to have a few chips, and wanted to discuss a possible recut prior to designing and creating the ring.

The diamond was sent in and Lesley got in touch with CJ. Brian had examined the diamond and felt that a recut would improve the performance of the diamond. The finished weight was 2.05 ct with a diameter that went from 8.37mm to 8.18mm. The pictures in the gallery below are testament to that!

Regarding the design of the ring, Jane had told CJ that she wanted a ring that was clean, classic, bold (not delicate) with all 3 stones bezel set and with a low profile. We selected two 6.5mm diamond cut blue sapphires and then CJ left the actual design of the ring to us. He was pleased with the first CAD rendering and instructed us to cast the ring in platinum.

We heard from Jane:

Lesley, greetings – I hope you are well. I got the 3-stone ring on our anniversary Wednesday. It certainly is beautiful!

She posted on a consumer forum and received the following comment which really sums it up:

I find your ring especially attractive because of the combination of modern (highly polished, sturdy yet elegant feel) and very classic ( 3-stone, polished filigree in the basket). Your husband has excellent taste!

Enjoy the gallery below!

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