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Brian Gavin Helps Customer In a Pinch

Brian Gavin Helps Customer In a Pinch

Engagements can be nerve-wracking moments. As the leader in creating custom engagement rings for five generations, and one of the few businesses that is privileged to be involved in the most important question our customers will ever ask, we do everything in our power to make their moments as special, and calm, as possible.

A few months ago, James showed up to Brian Gavin Diamonds on a Friday afternoon without an appointment. We could immediately tell that he was stressed and had not slept. After hearing his story we were determined to help.

James, a coast guard, had been to Jared's the day before and had put a deposit on a ring for his future bride. He hadn't slept all night because he didn't have a great feeling about the ring, and we wanted to put his mind at ease. James knew what he wanted to propose with, and we were able to find him something that would both fit his girlfriend's taste, and his price point.

We sourced a gorgeous, well-priced, pave setting from a trusted supplier and sold him a 0.5-carat Brian Gavin Signature round cut diamond. For about the same price of the ring at Jared's, James was able to propose with an internationally renowned diamond that is cut to the ideal mathematical proportions so that every facet is placed at exact angles to create a perfect balance between optimum brilliance (return of light to the eye) and the scattering of light, or "fire" (this is the prism effect that separates white light into its spectral colors).

Melissa's Brian Gavin Signature round cut diamond
Melissa's Brian Gavin Signature round cut diamond

When we received the below email, we knew that his adventure between jewelers was worth his stress, as he had come to find the ring of their dreams.

Lesley- Thank you so much for patiently accommodating me yesterday and using your sound judgment and creativity to put something beautiful together for Melissa. She'll love whatever it is that I propose with, but the fact that I now have a story, adventure and a ring that I feel more emotionally connected to is going to make my delivery even more special. Not to mention, you guys are wonderful to work with! It really felt as though I was in the company of family yesterday. Now, let's get that ring on her finger, so I can rest a little easier…. See you soon!

Best regards,

James F.

James kept in touch with us via text and shared with us that she enthusiastically said "yes" at a chic restaurant in Galveston, Texas.


We were ecstatic to help James find the engagement ring of his dreams and can't wait to see the happy couple walk down the aisle.

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