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David and Danielle - the Newly Engaged Couple

Brian Gavin’s Platinum and Marquise Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring is a “One of a Kind Ring”…

In August 2011, Danielle wrote in asking about custom designing an engagement ring. She wasn't quite ready but wanted to understand the process. She wrote back in January 2012 and in February, Danielle came in with her now fiancé David to discuss the diamond and setting they had in mind. Danielle had her heart set on a split shank style ring with a marquise diamond set east – west.

Brian Gavin helped them to identify a magnificent GIA certified 1.30 F SI1 Marquise cut diamond and then they set about fine tuning the design of the setting. We created a couple of different designs and they decided on the one which is pictured in the Gallery below. In addition to the 1.30 carat marquise diamond the setting featured approx. 0.22ctw of Brilliant Cut Tapered Stones F/G VS.

Although simple in design, the setting took several weeks to perfect and the outcome was simply breathtaking!

Myself and David would love to share some great news that yesterday, on our 3rd anniversary, we got engaged. The ring is beautiful. Here's how it all went down. For our anniversary David had given me a beautiful necklace with diamond pendant early so I could wear it out to our dinner. Later in the day I received flowers with a note that said 'Happy Three Years Darling, You are the love of my life. Love, David'. I was thrilled with how perfect the day was. Because David and I designed our ring together I knew it was eventually coming but since I received a different gift early I wasn't expecting him to propose on our anniversary. Apparently neither was he. While I was busy gazing at my necklace and flowers all day David received a phone-call to tell him the ring was ready. He excitedly left work early to go pick it up. According to him it wasn't until he had the ring in his hands that he understood how our lives were about to go down an amazing path to matrimony. I had dressed up for the evening and asked if I could wear his grandmother's ring because it matched my outfit nicely. When he didn't respond yes or no, i thought little of it. Not 60 seconds later he came over and stood in front of me. I looked up, puzzled as to why he was staring at me, when he nervously said ' I thought you might like to wear this one instead'. I had just enough time before he opened the box to realize what was going on and I could feel my face flush with excitement. He opened the box and I giggled like a school girl, the ring was stunning. After a few moments of waiting for him to say those four words I blurted out 'You've got to say the words, YOU'VE GOT TO ASK ME!!'. At which point I saw a light bulb go off and he asked me to marry him… Then I forgot to say yes, but my reaction was all the answer he needed. I just love that he was so eager to ask me that he couldn't wait until the restaurant. He wasn't home five minutes before popping the question.

We would both really love to thank the Brian Gavin team for helping make our dreams a reality, for being so friendly and helpful, and for giving us a beautiful one of a kind Brian Gavin ring. I've attached some pictures for your viewing pleasure 🙂 David and Danielle

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