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A Face On View of the John Dyer 22 Carat Topaz

Brian Gavin’s Magnificent Platinum and 22 carat Topaz Ring is Spectacular Finale to 2011…

We met Brian and Lesley in 2009 and they created what can only be described as a "dream pair" of matching engagement and wedding bands . Stephanie is originally from Texas and so when it came time this year to counter-balance those with a little "fun" stone that is the official gemstone of Texas, well, we knew there was only one couple that we could fully entrust with the job. I can only say that Brian and Lesley not only came up with an amazing looking ring but also one that it is also eminently comfortable and wearable on a daily basis just like their original engagement and wedding band duet. The only remaining question is what color gemstone is next? Ian

At the beginning of October Ian contacted us about creating a unique setting for a topaz he was considering purchasing. He had visited John Dyer's website and was fascinated by the magnificent colored stones he had been cutting. He specifically wanted the topaz to be a deep "windex" blue. The first stone he liked was sold but he managed to secure a magnificent 22.01 carat cushion cut blue topaz.

Pretty basic ring design. Could be "no stones" modern and a little clunky to some nice side stones

We got to work on several sketches and e-mailed him out 4 different options (see below in gallery). He selected design #2. We then created the ring on CAD, e-mailed it to him for review and then cast the ring in platinum. Ian had said that he would need it no later than February 8, but we wanted to make sure he had it in time for New Years Eve. The ring took many hours to clean and prepare for setting and we thankfully managed to ship it out on Friday evening – our last shipment of the year.

She loves the ring, fits perfectly! The pics were spectacular but also showed just how much work goes into these and that they don't pop out completely done. Nice to get an appreciation for all of the craftsmanship. Happy Holidays! Ian

The process and magnificent Glamor Shots are chronicled below:

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