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Brian Gavin Diamonds Celebrates Diamond Birthstone Month

Brian Gavin Diamonds Celebrates Diamond Birthstone Month

Those born in April are lucky enough to call the diamond their birthstone. Diamonds signify love, eternity, strength and everlasting affection, which is why they not only make a perfect symbol for marriage proposals, but also for birthday presents. Some believe that wearing your birthstone will bring good luck; a birthday gift for a loved one that features Brian Gavin diamonds is sure to excite anyone, but more so, is a gift to consider for someone born in April to bring them luck throughout the year.

Buying a diamond, can certainly be overwhelming, as there is so much information about what to look for, but at Brian Gavin Diamonds, our entire Brian Gavin Diamonds Signature Collection offers the perfect combination of angles, colors, clarity, and, of course, optical symmetry to ensure that every diamond delivers a Sure Sparkle™. After years of training as the fifth generation of diamond cutting in his family, Brian's extensive research to understand what would make the perfect diamond, and meticulous studying the right proportions, ideal symmetry and optimal light return, resulted in his development of the Beyond Brilliant® Hearts and Arrows Collection.

Brian Gavin Signature Hearts & Arrows diamond
Brian Gavin Signature Hearts & Arrows diamond

Brian Gavin Diamonds' Hearts and Arrows diamonds are cut with such perfection in symmetry that the crown and pavilion angle form a heart, delivering the maximum light performance, without any leakage of light (i.e. the most sparkle possible from a diamond, even in the most grim lighting).

Idealscope image of Brian Gavin Signature Hearts & Arrows round diamond
Brian Gavin Signature Hearts & Arrows

A common mistake of first-time diamond buyers is the "bigger is better" mentality. Purchasing a diamond that is well-cut ensures that it will not have visible blemishes or other imperfections that can decrease performance and sparkle. When buying a Brian Gavin diamond, our educated staff will walk you through details about the impeccable beauty from the diamond's cut to make it sparkle, versus its carat amount or size.

A recent online review from a happy customer stated just that.

Gentlemen, save yourself a lot of time and cheat off the research I completed over the span of about 4 months: buy from Brian Gavin.

Cut is king, and this is precisely where BGD excels. The sparkle, fire, scintillation, reflection, etc. is amazing. It looks great in any light. It enhances all the other factors (carat, color, clarity). You won't beat the price for the quality you get.

To the extent you care about my purchase: I bought a round cut Brian Gavin Blue. I love the blue fluorescence, which I think enhances the diamond's appeal. That they sell for a slight discount is just icing on the cake. The area I "compromised" the most on was clarity; I selected an SI1. I use quotes because the diamond is completely eye clean, which is all that mattered to me. I threw the relative dollars I saved on clarity towards a higher color and carat weight.

Take whatever budget you are comfortable with and buy a ring for that price from Brian Gavin. You won't be disappointed, and you won't be able to do better."

Hearts & Arrows diamond studs

There is so much to know about diamonds, but let our staff assist you through the process and help to pick out a birthday present that shows her how much you care.

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