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April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds
April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds
The 5 Diamonds on a Hand to Give Perspective

Brian Gavin Creates Tapered “Nightingale” 5 Stone Diamond Ring for Discerning Customer…

In September Anne e-mailed us to start discussions about the new ring she was planning to have us create for her as a belated diamond wedding band. She had her choices narrowed down to either a 5-stone setting like the Nightingale, or a three stone, a solitaire with two pear side stones. She was concerned about finger coverage being that she had a larger than average ring size 10.5 and we provided her with pictures of the loose diamonds to reassure her. She decided to go with a version of the Nightingale in 18K yellow gold with a platinum gallery with a 1.28 ct Brian Gavin Signature H & A in the center and then 2 x 0.78 ct Signature BGD's and lastly 2 x 0.55 ct on the ends. She wanted 2 bezel set blue sapphires representing their 2 sons and a "surprise" pink sapphire inside the shank for their daughter. She sent in a sample ring to make sure that we got the ring size correct. Once the creation of the ring was in process, Anne asked us to leave her out of any subsequent e-mails or phone calls and to work directly with her husband.

We contacted Anthony the day the ring was to ship and e-mailed him the Glamor Shots. He went to pick up the package the next morning and could not control himself not to call Anne with feedback!! Remember this was to be a Christmas Surprise!!!

So I had to call and give you ladies an update on the ring saga, because remember I haven't seen it, and I haven't looked at the pictures. And mind you he's telling me I'll get it for Christmas and I told him last night that he will have to find another place to sleep if he makes me wait! So Anthony goes and picks it up today at FedEx. And the FedEx lady asked him what it was, and he told him a ring; and she says "that ain't no ring, it's too heavy – it's books" and encourages Anthony to open the box "just to make sure". Which he does, and finds another smaller Fed Ex box. And then he opens that box, and finds another FedEx box. (now I've seen the PS postings of the packaging so I'm not surprised) but the FedEx lady asks him if he's sure there's a ring and not a whole bunch of boxes. So he says no I'm sure, and opens the little box in the Fedex facility – and apparently the world stopped and everyone oohed and aahhed over it. And the guy with Anthony from his office said that anyone looking at the scene would have thought he was proposing to the FedEx lady. And the same lady asks if it's an engagement ring, and he says, no I'm married, and she replies "you sure must like her". LOL So he gets back to the office and is apparently enjoying showing a couple of the guys in the office, and one guy says Holy $–t is that real? about three times, and now apparently half of Atlanta has seen it but not me yet. And it's Sophie's fourth birthday today so who knows WHEN I'll get it. And I asked him what he thought, and he says "sweetie, it's unreal. It doesn't even look real it's so sparkly and huge" Whoop Whoop! I just had to share because the only bad part of you guys being internet-based is you most of the time don't get to see the reactions of folks. Let me tell you, I'm already so excited I can hardly stand it! You'll probably know when I get it when you hear the scream in Texas all the way from Georgia! Thanks to both of you for this amazing diamond buying experience. Anne

When Anthony gave her the ring that evening she was speechless! She called in the next day and just gushed about how beautiful and perfect the ring was – she also sent in some wonderful hand shots that are included in the gallery below. We all had so much fun with this project and know that Anne is just loving her new 5 stone ring!!!

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