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A Face On Shot Showing the Split Claw Prongs and New Cushion Diamond

Brian Gavin Creates Rose Gold Split Prong Grace Setting for Customer’s Cushion Cut Recut…

Beth called in towards the middle of July with questions about having her approx. 2 carat radiant cut diamond recut. It was a very long shaped radiant and she did not like the stone. She wanted Brian to do his magic! Brian did his predictions and recommended that he recut it into a cushion cut and that although there would be significant weight loss to recut it into a cushion cut, the size loss would not be severe. The result was fantastic!!

We created Beth's ring using CAD and sent her the CAD files for approval. We then proceeded to cast the Split Prong Grace setting in 18K rose gold with F/G VS Brian Gavin Signature melee set into the gallery. We managed to ship it out to her in time for an important weekend. We received this heartfelt e-mail from her after she had received the ring:

Dear Lesley and Brian, It's never too late to realize a dream. Here I am, a grandmother, finally being granted a wish made when I was just five years old and my father and I would exclaim together over the starry gems in the jeweler's window. I just knew my fairy godmother would grant me just one. Well, thank you Lesley and Brian for spreading some of that magic my way. It was worth the wait. The best to you and yours, Beth

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