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April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds
April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds
All the Diameters Were Perfectly Calibrated

Brian Gavin Creates Magnificent Platinum and Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond Channel Set Band…

A little over a year ago we were contacted by an Australian customer looking to have us create a one of a kind piece. He wanted to have us source perfectly matched/calibrated fancy vivid pink melee to make a platinum channel set band for his wife. Based on the ring size we calculated that we would need approx. 32- 35 x 0.02 ct melee.

The customer e-mailed us a 3D video to make sure that we understood what he wanted for the setting – in his words "let the diamonds be the stars". The metal should be there to support the diamonds (securely!) and nothing more.

We ordered in several shipments of melee from cutting factories in Europe who specialize in this inventory and Brian sorted through over 250 stones to come up with the final front runners. The stones were selected in a controlled lighting environment and compared one against the other, one at a time in the face on position. We then created the platinum setting and decided to line the area where the diamonds were to be set with rose gold to intensify the color of the melee further.

After almost 11 months of correspondence the magnificent band was shipped to the excited customer:

Finally! The ring was gleefully accepted after a period of stunned silence as the box was opened. Thank you for spending the time to understand the initial requirements and the quality of the finished ring is a credit to all involved. Special thanks to Lesley for answering my numerous questions and to Brian for having the enviable task of personally sourcing and sorting the pink diamonds.

Please enjoy the process in pictures below:

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