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Brian Gavin's Custom Aquamarine Pendant

Brian Gavin Creates Magnificent Custom Pendant for Customer’s Jeff White Cushion Cut Aquamarine…

Our customer from Hong Kong, Brian, had purchased his magnificent platinum wedding set in February 2011. He contacted us again in July having purchased a magnificent 5.75 carat (10.3mm) square cushion cut aquamarine from Jeff White and wanted us to create a pendant as a wedding gift for his future wife.

We are looking for a pendant with a back that allows the chain to slide through, and a front that is free of distractions.

He originally wanted the Barbara pendant with a bezel finish but aquamarine is a soft stone and if we bezeled it there was a 50/50 chance that we would either scratch it or it would break when heat for the bezel process was applied. We explained this to Brian and he wrote back:

We have been browsing through the website to look at more prong settings for ideas and came across the V-Prong Lever Backs<>. We like how smoothly the prongs and basket fit together. Is it possible to adapt the basket and prong design for our pendant?

After some discussion we decided to create the back basket similar to that of the v prong lever backs and set it with 4 split claw prongs. In addition, Brian wanted her to have the option to wear the pendant both straight and kite set. We explained that the design would not allow for it and so we created it to be kite set with an invisible tube like bail to allow the pendant to move on the chain.

We set about creating the wax model for the pendant, cast it in platinum and then very carefully set the magnificent aquamarine.

Hi Shandel, We picked up the pendant last night and it looks absolutely amazing. Please send our most sincere thanks to Jamie, Lesley, Brian, and everyone else involved in the process. Thanks, Brian

The process and results are in the gallery below.

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