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Face On View of the Ring

Brian Gavin Creates Diamond Halo Engagement Ring for UK Customer’s Cushion Cut Diamond…

Towards the end of August, Brian contacted us via e-mail from the UK. He was planning on purchasing a cushion cut diamond from Good Old Gold and wanted the stone to be shipped to us to be set. His girlfriend had her heart set on a setting similar to the Tiffany Legacy and he felt that our Halo Engagement Ring would do the trick. He requested that we leave out the surprise diamonds on either side of the head.

We created the setting using CAD and e-mailed the files to him for his approval. We then cast, set all the Brian Gavin Signature melee, set the cushion cut and finished the last details of the milgraining. Last week he came to the USA on vacation to see his girlfriend and received the package via FedEx. Needless to say he was thrilled and wrote us this fantastic e-mail:

Hi Jamie, I picked up the ring yesterday, and while driving back with it I was kind of nervous – 8 months of looking at diamonds online, gaining knowledge daily, and then 2 months getting the diamond together and the ring made… now it was sat right next to me in the car! I can't you how pleased I was when I opened the ring box; it is a beautifully made ring – just perfect, intricate, shiny and the Brian Gavin diamonds sparkle beautifully! The GOG center diamond is amazing, too. After studying the ring for a while I took it out in to the Californian sun, and boy, the ring was even more amazing! I took some (lots!) photos and a few videos, but then set the camera down and just looked at it some more. It blows Tiffanys out of the water, and is so much nicer than the $170,000 ring we saw (Diana picked it out, and then we saw the price…!)

I proposed to Diana when she got home from work; she knew something was up, and when I pulled out the ring box, opened it and got down on one knee she said 'YES!' before I had even asked! (I did ask, just to clarify things!) Diana said the ring is perfect, too! We had been looking at rings when I first got here; we went in to Tiffanys, and someone Diana knows said they'll set us up with their jeweller – I had to go along with things just to keep my secret. Diana saw a few different styles she liked, but kept on saying the Legacy/Halo with a cushion is her favourite. Phew!!!!! Seriously, she loves the ring, and so do I; you guys did an amazing job and we are both over the moon. It fits perfectly, and is absolutely amazing.

Please pass on our thanks to all those involved at BGD who made this possible! I will send a few photos when I manage to reduce them to the best ones, though I only have a 'point & click' camera so the pictures aren't as close up as the glamour shots you sent. I know a GOG & BGD collaboration resulted in a ring that I just couldn't have found in the shops – it is truly awesome, as was this whole experience. Again, we both thank you so much, and me personally to yourself (and Lesley) for all your help since my first email to you. Brian and Diana

Brian and Diana's pictures as well as our Brian Gavin Glamor Shots are in the Gallery below…

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