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Katie's Hand Shot of her Brian Gavin Creation

Brian Gavin Creates Custom Palladium and Rose Gold Setting for Morganite Super Trillion™ Cut from John Dyer

At the beginning of August Johnny contacted us about creating a custom ring using a colored stone cut by John Dyer. He was based in Hong Kong and had been referred to us by close friends who are also customers of ours. We had 3 stones shipped in from John Dyer on their behalf and then set up a Skype call to help them to decide which stone would work best for his wife Katie's taste. The center stone they selected was a 12.92 carat Morganite Super Trillion™ Cut by John Dyer. Regarding the design of the setting Katie wrote:

The keywords I feel best describe what I'm looking for are:

– modern

– light – lets lots of light in, also has a "light" look (as in, not heavy looking)

– clean

This may go without saying, but I'd like the stone to be the star. I like linear and organic designs, but either way prefer the design to be unfussy, clean and open.

We provided them with 3 sketches of possible designs and Katie selected the one in the gallery below. The custom ring was created from Palladium 950 (with a satin finish) and 18K Rose Gold and the result was spectacular!! The pictures and video tell the whole story……..

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