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Guillermo & Ashley

Brian Gavin Creates Ashley's Halo Diamond Engagement Ring and Matching Band...

In early December, Denise worked with Guillermo to identify a 1.5 carat cushion cut. We created Ashley's platinum halo engagement ring and more recently Ashley's matching diamond band.

Guillermo's testimonial below says it all!

Well let me begin by saying that this review is MONTHS late. I have wanted to write it since late December but have been traveling non-stop with work and am just now able to sit and do it. Like most people, this was the first time I was in the market for a diamond engagement ring. I had visited all the brick and mortar stores and though I had found a couple rings I liked there was nothing that I found truly unique. My budget was not low by any standards as I was in the 12 – 17k range but there just wasn't anything I truly loved. A business colleague of mine had used Brian Gavin and strongly recommended them. I must admit that buying a ring over the internet was not easy for me. As a consumer I am someone that requires "seeing" and "feeling" the product but I gave it a try anyway.

The first person I spoke to was Denise. She was VERY knowledgeable and was never pushy. We talked for close to an hour about all the different things I was looking for. She listened closely, never interrupting me, and gave me her honest opinion. I know I wasn't the easiest to work with but she was always extremely courteous and made sure I was comfortable with each step. She was in constant communication with me and quick to answer all my questions. I cannot speak for any other sales associates there but she was a god send. If you do business with Brian Gavin I highly, highly recommend her!

I ordered my ring in early December, when everyone orders their ring I guess, but it was never rushed and meticulously hand crafted. The CAD looked fantastic, a million times better than those I had seen from other companies. I found out mid-December that I had to travel out of the country for my original delivery date. Rather than making me wait until I got back the entire team at Brian Gavin worked unbelievably hard to help me get my ring THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS!!

The only issue I had was that when it came time to ship it the main secured shipping companies were shutdown because of the holiday. Rather than just apologize they had the owner's son fly it up to me from Houston to DC. If that's not going the extra mile I don't know what is.

I really cannot say enough about how fantastic they all are. I am purchasing our bands from them and recommend them to ALL of our friends. Their unbelievable work and commitment to excellence made one of the most special days of our lives that much better.

Denise, Lesley and all the crew at Brian Gavin… THANK YOU!!!

On a side note – we had our ring appraised for our insurance and it appraised for thousands more then I paid. The appraiser even commented on how excellent the stones were and that the craftsmanship was impeccable.

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