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Up To 25% Off Lab Diamonds - Learn More
The Twins!

Brian Gavin 3 Stone Diamond Pendant “Push” Present for New Mother of Twins…

Jason called in the middle of May to begin discussions about the diamond pendant that he was hoping to create for his wife who was expecting twin girls. He envisioned a 3 stone pendant with a larger stone for his wife and two matching smaller stones for the girls. He worked with us to select 3 Brian Gavin Signature hearts and arrows diamonds that matched well and stayed within his budget – a 0.75 ct and two 0.33 ct stones.

Once the diamond selections had been finalized he e-mailed us some inspiration pictures that all had a bezel theme. He wanted the larger stone at the top of the pendant and then the 2 smaller stones underneath it in a design that could separate the stones as the girls got older. He also wanted a sturdy but fluid chain as his wife had previously lost her pendant. When he received it, Jason sent out a quick e-mail:

Splendid! You guys are awesome!

The girls were born 2 weeks ago and Jason e-mailed off a beautiful picture of them. We're looking forward to the Brian Gavin Signature Blankee Shots which we will share when they come in. The pictures below tell the story of the creation of this unique and beautiful 3 stone diamond pendant.

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