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Atlanta Symphony Musicians Delighted With Their Brian Gavin Diamond Engagement Ring

Atlanta Symphony Musicians Delighted With Their Brian Gavin Diamond Engagement Ring

Paul emailed us at the end of June and told us he was on the hunt for a diamond engagement ring for his girlfriend, Christina. The two are musicians and Paul was planning a special proposal.

Good morning Catherine, Yes, I play the viola and my girlfriend, Christina, plays the flute. We are both in the Atlanta Symphony but are each off playing in summer music festivals for a few weeks; I'm in Jackson Hole and she is in Bellingham, Washington. Christina will join me here in the Tetons after her festival and that is when I plan to propose. BTW, you have an excellent orchestra there in the Houston Symphony! I have several friends that are in the orchestra. Check them out sometime if you haven't already.

Paul told us that the Lace with Blue Sapphire Platinum setting would be perfect for Christina. He provided some examples of diamonds he had in mind and one of our diamond consultants, Catherine, suggested a 1.133 ct. Signature Brian Gavin Blue Round Diamond. Less than 2 weeks later we shipped out the gorgeous ring.

Hi Catherine, I did get it picked up and only had 2 mins to tear open the package and check it out; it looks beautiful- can't wait to really get a chance to see it later today. All very surreptitious as Christina was with me almost every min of yesterday afternoon and evening. Somehow I managed to pick it up at FedEx and get a quick peek at it without her seeing. Thanks so much for getting it to me by Thursday here in Jackson Hole! I will be in touch again after I've had a chance to view this gorgeous ring and after Christina has seen it. all best, Paul

A few days later we received another note from him with pictures of the special day.

Hi Catherine, It was a whirlwind weekend and we just returned to Atlanta around midnight last night! I was able to pick up the ring at FedEx on Thursday even though Christina was with me that afternoon and keep it a surprise. Even though in Jackson Hole you're surrounding by all the grandeur you can imagine, I thought for us both being musicians (she is Principal Flute here in the Atlanta Symphony) the most meaningful way to propose would be surrounded by music and our dearest friends so I enlisted our conductor, Donald (music director of the Grand Teton Music Festival and an excellent pianist), and two our of dear colleagues from Atlanta who were also playing in the festival out there to be playing the slow movement of the Beethoven Clarinet Trio while Christina and I arrived at Donald's house. I did the whole bended knee thing while we were surrounded by this gorgeous music played by our dearest friends in this beautiful setting. It was perfect; Christina was overwhelmed; she said yes, and it was a moment none of us will ever forget. Now to the ring: it is exceptional – the stone is so clear and so white and has an incredible fire and sparkle and the Lace setting could not be more elegant. I did not know, but Christina absolutely loves sapphires and said over and over how this is a ring she would have picked out herself. She plays a vintage Powell flute made of platinum (only one of 6 made) so the material was a no brainer. We already know we will want the matching wedding band! We shared our news with a few more colleagues at the Festival over the weekend but are trying to keep it a bit under wraps (and out of Facebook!) so that we can tell our kids in person now that we're back in Atlanta (we each have two girls from previous marriages). I am including a couple of pictures of our dear friends that helped with the music and of the ring.

Thank you, Catherine, for all your help in suggesting and selecting our ring and please pass along my appreciation to the craftspeople at BGD and to Mr. Gavin himself for the outstanding products and service you all provide. And thank you for making sure it got to me in time to make this happen while we were in Jackson Hole! I love the glamour shots that Jenny sent; those are my actual ring? all best, Paul

Paul and Christina's photos can be seen below, along with the beautiful ring.

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