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Brian Gavin at the Diamond Cutting Wheel

Another Brian Gavin Customer Thrilled with her Diamond Recut…

In December Wynne wrote in about a diamond recut and possible new setting:

Hi there! I have seen your fabulous recutting work on pricescope. Currently I have a non-certified 1.72 K I1 Round Brilliant stone. Rather than upgrade to a better cut, I thought I might see if there would be an option to have it recut? My original "upgrade/downgrade" plan was to get a smaller stone that was better cut so I do not mind losing some carat weight. I definitely see some type of light leakage if I look at the diamond in certain angles as you might be able to see from the attached picture. What do I need to do to have you assess the diamond? Do you have an approximate price/carat for the recut or is it something you need to see first? My current setting is in a platinum melee band..But I'm considering going with a shared prong for less metal and more bling! So just my current thoughts – not 100% on changing the setting yet. Really looking forward to working with you guys!!

In order for Brian to give accurate feedback and projections, Wynne sent in her diamond ring and Brian unmounted the diamond. The starting weight was 1.746 and he predicted a finished weight of approx. 1.53 (an 87% retention). She gave Brian the go ahead and waited patiently as recuts take about 3 weeks to turn around. The actual finished weight was almost as predicted at 1.54 ct. The diamond's performance was greatly enhanced!

Wynne decided to have her "new" diamond set back into her original setting, which we refinished and set the diamond with claw prongs.

Lesley/Brian, I received the ring and it looks so fabulous!! I love how the setting was modified and the delicate prongs that the diamond is now in. My husband Eric is very pleased too! (happy wife happy life). lol. Thank you guys so much. Can't wait to actually buy brian gavin diamonds in the future (ahem 1 ctw bezel milgrain studs…just sayin'). Thank you thank you!! Wynne

The pre and post recut images, as well as the refinished ring are in the gallery below…

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