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March Diamond Madness is Here
March Diamond Madness is Here
7% OFF for 7 DAYS  When You Buy 1 or More of Our 3 Special Signature Round, Cushion or Blue Diamonds

7% OFF for 7 DAYS When You Buy 1 or More of Our 3 Special Signature Round, Cushion or Blue Diamonds

7 % Off For 7 DaysIn celebration of Chinese Valentine's Day, Brian Gavin Diamonds is offering 7% OFF for 7 Days with code: MAGPIE14 when you buy 1 of our 3 Special Signature Diamonds: Signature Round, Signature Cushion and Signature Blue.

Qixi (pronounced chee-she) Festival is the Chinese Valentine's Day. It celebrates the story of two forbidden lovers, reunited by a bridge, that joins them on the 7th day of the 7th month in the Chinese calendar. That's August 2. Tomorrow!

­­Hence, the 7% OFF for 7 Days.

On this day, celebrants look up into the night sky to gaze at Vega and Altair shining in the Milky Way, while a third star (Deneb) forms a bridge between them.

That's our 3 Special Signature Diamonds symbolic for the 3 Stars.

During the festival, a festoon is placed in the yard. Single and newly-wed women make offerings to Niulang and Zhinü, such as fruit, flowers, tea and face powder.

Couples pray to the lovers in hopes their relationship will endure time.

So the story goes:

A young cowherd came across a beautiful girl, the Goddess' seventh daughter, escaped from boring heaven to look for fun. Niulang and Zhinü fell in love at first sight and married without the knowledge of the Goddess. Zhinü proved to be a wonderful wife, and Niulang a good husband. They lived happily and had two children. But the Goddess of Heaven found out that Zhinü, a fairy girl, had married a mere mortal. The Goddess was furious and ordered Zhinü to return to heaven. On Earth, Niulang was upset his wife disappeared. Suddenly, his ox told him, "If you kill me and put on my hide, you can go up to Heaven and find your wife." He cried. Killed the ox. Put on it's skin. And carried his two beloved children off to Heaven to find Zhinü. The Goddess discovered this and was very angry. Taking out her hairpin, the Goddess scratched a wide river in the sky to separate the two lovers forever, thus forming the Milky Way between Altair and Vega. Zhinü must sit forever on one side of the river, sadly weaving on her loom. Niulang watches her from afar, while taking care of their two children. However, once a year all the magpies in the world take pity on them, and fly up into heaven to form a bridge so the lovers may be together for a single night.

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