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2015 Wedding Dress Trends

2015 Wedding Dress Trends

A stunning engagement ring is one of the most important pieces of a bride's wedding day ensemble. It's a significant token that she will wear forever and can be passed down for generations, but it takes a supporting role on a couple's wedding day, as a bride's wedding gown typically takes center stage. While many women start thinking about their dream engagement ring when they are in a serious relationship, wedding dresses are a vision that is created at childhood.

Whether you envision a classic dress style for your special day or prefer to make the wedding aisle your runway, we want to share the biggest wedding dress trends of Spring 2015 and how a Brian Gavin Diamonds wedding band can help enhance your overall bridal look alongside the perfect wedding dress and engagement ring.

Off the shoulder wedding dress

Ethereal brides

Off-the-shoulder dresses were one of the most popular necklines on the Spring 2015 runways. Although this style is typically thought of as classic and romantic, modern designs are incorporating different fabrics and styles with the off-the-shoulder neckline that make it perfect for both the free-spirited and graceful brides. Such a feminine neckline calls for a delicate wedding band, such as our Marquise and Round Band with Milgrain in rose gold. Light flowers and petals in neutral and blush hues will complement this ethereal wedding style.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 6.10.53 PM

Vibrant brides

Modern and daring brides are embracing colorful wedding hues, which have been showing up more and more on the bridal runways. While white will always be the most quintessential and popular wedding dress color, dresses in shades of blue, gray and lavender are for brides that want to make a statement this spring. To enhance a fresh, spring wedding theme, colorful floral arrangements will set a picturesque backdrop. For the bold bride who opts for a lively and colorful palette, our Lace Matching Band with Blue Sapphire will make the perfect addition to your dress!

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Modern minimalistic brides

Brides with a simpler style will be happy to hear that tailored dresses with clean lines are one of the most popular trends for Spring 2015. This style doesn't rely on a sea of fabric and lace to add drama, instead, dress designers focus on structure with tiny details, such as petite bow belts, to enhance the bride's natural beauty and lines. Modern minimalist brides can play up this style's subdued elegance by heightening their bridal look with stunning accessories like our intricately designed Denise Wedding Band and adding a floral bouquet in a simple color scheme.

Which of these wedding dress trends of 2015 fit your wedding day look? With Brian Gavin Diamonds, you'll always find the perfect engagement ring or wedding band to complement your eye-catching dress. Whichever style you choose, a bridal style that withstands the test of time will always be a bride who is beaming with confidence and shines brightly with love on her wedding day.

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