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Memorial Day Weekend Event - 15% Off Wedding Bands
Memorial Day Weekend Event - 15% Off Wedding Bands
2015 Wedding Band Trends

2015 Wedding Band Trends

When it comes to engagement ring shopping, most gentlemen are often left to their own accord when choosing a ring their bride-to-be will fall in love with. The men shop for rings based on their soon-to-be fiancés' personal style and taste. In all honesty, who would turn down a gorgeous diamond ring when the love of your life proposes?! But for wedding rings, it's often the opposite situation; the brides-to-be are able to choose the exact ring of their dreams. These rings are symbolic of the couples' everlasting love and will be worn for countless anniversaries to come.

The wedding band and engagement ring should complement and enhance each other. Traditional wedding rings are often simple bands in white gold, yellow gold or platinum and these styles are sure to match any type of engagement ring. We've noticed the popularity of different styles of wedding bands for brides who are looking to showcase their unique style.

Sapphire and Diamond Bezel Wedding Band
Sapphire and Diamond Bezel Wedding Band

Colorful Stones

A special way to personalize your wedding ring is to integrate colorful gemstones on the band. These gemstones could either be your determined by the stone designated for your fiancé's or your own birth month, the month of your wedding day or even your favorite color.

Classic Tiffany Half Round Wedding Band in Rose Gold

Rose Gold Rings

Celebrities like Blake Lively and Lauren Conrad have popularized the rose gold ring trend. Its warm hue complements many skin tones and adds a touch of romance with the contrast of the brilliant white diamonds.

stacked rings
Grace Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Trio

Stackable Wedding Rings

A great way to dress up a wedding band is by stacking multiple slim bands with miniature or pave diamonds. Brides have an opportunity to show off their style by mixing and matching different sized bands and shapes. For even more personalization, each band can be added during special milestones such as an anniversary or the birth of a child.

If you're looking for an even more unique wedding band, we're happy to create a custom design with a personalized touch that will fit your style. Whichever wedding band you decide on, make sure it's a band you will love for many years to come!

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