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Up To 20% Off - BG Curated Collection of Natural Diamonds - No Coupon Required
Up To 20% Off - BG Curated Collection of Natural Diamonds - No Coupon Required

Why Can't I Find Bezel Engagement Rings at Jewelry Stores?

The bezel engagement ring style setting has started to increase in popularity in recent years.

What Makes the Bezel Setting so Eloquent?

The bezel setting consists of a thin line of metal that encircles the stone entirely. For this reason, as with anything that you add a border to, it makes the diamond really pop and stand out from traditional settings with regular prongs. The contrast of the metal next to the diamond creates a very vibrant and brilliant look that in turn actually makes the diamond look larger in appearance than it's actual carat size.

Now Why Can't I Find Bezel Settings at Jewelry Stores?

In most jewelry stores you will find a very limited selection of bezel engagement rings to choose from as, unlike prong settings, bezel settings need to be made to the exact parameters of the diamond that is being set. At Brian Gavin Diamonds we custom make each setting to the size and shape of the center stone as well as to the ring size of the customer. We are able to offer many styles and variations that accommodate bezel styles for you to choose from.

Popular Bezel Engagement Ring Styles

Unique Bezel Engagement Ring Styles

The Brian Gavin Bezel Lifetime Warranty

Our bezel engagement rings come in 18K yellow, rose and white golds as well as 925 Platinum. All of our custom work has a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects (its free as long as its not worked on by a 3rd party). If you would like more information or have questions about a specific design request, Please give us a call or click on "Contact Us" in the top right corner, fill out the form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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