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Why are halo settings so popular?

Why are halo settings so popular?

Look around. Halo settings are everywhere. You’re practically surrounded by them. People line up thousands at a time, block after block, camping out in front of the store all night to just get a peek at the new model being released… Oh wait, that’s the iPhone. But right behind the incredible popularity of the iPhone, hides the incredibly popular, ever amazing, halo style engagement ring. If I had a nickel for every time that one of our clients indicated that they preferred a halo setting over everything else, I’d be Brian Gavin.

Sometimes I like to open my blog posts up with stuff like this just to see whether he’s paying attention. Ha! But in all seriousness, halo settings happen to be the most popular setting of all time, bested only by the classic six prong solitaire by Brian Gavin. Which is a timeless classic, that has always been, and probably always will be among the most popular engagement ring designs of all time.

But why are halo settings so popular?

Being tasked with the idea of having to determine why halo settings are so popular with our clients, I walked into the customer service department and asked the women to explain. Why I did such a thing, I’ll never know. There were more theories than I could count, let alone keep track of, I should have sent the inquiry out by email… it was strongly suggested that halo settings are so popular because they are so popular with celebrities. No doubt this is true to some extent, because a search for celebrity halo rings on Google produced pages upon pages of results. But then one has to wonder, why are halo settings so popular with celebrities?

This question brought me right back around to where I started, which is trying to determine why halo settings are so popular to begin with. My brother quipped “Because they are…” which I’m sure was meant to be helpful. Logical to a fault. However, buying an engagement ring involves just as much emotional intelligence as logical thinking.

We can quantify volumes of light return, optical precision, and sparkle factor ‘til the cows come home, but at the end of the day the decision regarding which diamond to buy will come down to the emotion created by the incredible degree of sparkle created by the technical aspects of a Brian Gavin Signature diamond.

But why else are halo settings so popular?

It was suggested that halo settings are so popular because the halo of smaller diamonds that surround the center stone make that diamond look larger, thus increasing the surface area of the sparkle, making the overall impression of the ring seem even more grand. Especially when the halo setting features Brian Gavin Signature melee diamonds, which are cut to the same precise standards as larger BGD Signature diamonds. For some reason, this explanation resonates with me. It makes sense that halo settings make the center diamond look larger, perhaps yet again the decision comes down to a matter of size, or the perception thereof.

Oh, say it isn’t so… Or tell me that it’s the truth. I really don’t care at this point, I just really need to know why you think that halo settings are so popular. Whether or not you are the proud owner of a halo setting from Brian Gavin, please take a moment to tell us why halo settings are so popular. Leave a comment below. Thank you.

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