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What is the best setting for a cushion cut diamond?

What is the best setting for a cushion cut diamond?

With the rising popularity of the new Brian Gavin Signature Cushion Cut Diamond, which exhibits a stunning pattern of Hearts & Arrows, we've been receiving lots of inquiries asking what is the best setting for a cushion cut diamond.

The obvious answer is "Whatever setting appeals the most to your personal sense of style" because the reality is that most traditional style engagement rings can be modified to accommodate our Signature Cushion cut diamond.

However I believe that the question is based in the fact that when I look around online, there seem to be very few settings readily available for cushion cut diamonds. I suspect that this is because the majority of cushion cut diamonds are difficult to set.

Why are Cushion Cut Diamonds a Challenge to Set?

Traditional cushion cut diamonds which are more pillow-like in shape, can be quite challenging to set securely because most of them are cut with thick, very thick, and even extremely thick girdle edges. However one of the requirements for the design of the new Brian Gavin Signature Cushion Cut Diamond was a girdle edge which was thinner and which would be more attractive and easier to set.

I don't know whether you've ever seen a very thick to extremely thick girdle edge on the side of a diamond, but it looks like a great big, fat, ugly window into the side of the stone! It is a characteristic of most traditional cushion cut diamonds which drives Brian nuts!

Our article How to Buy a Cushion Cut Diamond Online provides additional insight into the primary differences between our Signature Cushion Cut Diamond and traditional cushion cut diamonds, but one of the most important differences is that Brian's Signature Cushion is quite easy to design a setting for because it is symmetrical and has a symmetrical girdle edge.

A Few of My Favorite Settings for Cushion Cut Diamonds:

Round Square Halo Engagement Ring for a Cushion Cut Diamond I absolutely love this halo style engagement ring which we recently custom made for our Signature Cushion cut diamond! The diamond looks absolutely stunning set in the middle of the smaller rounds which frame it from the top down view, and the round diamonds running down the band sprinkle sparkle all the way around your finger! It is a custom adaptation of our Round Square Halo Setting and it is breathtaking!

Round Square Halo Setting with Cushion Cut Diamond This ring is an adaptation of our Fish Tail Pave with Truth Head which features pave set diamonds along three quarters of the ring shank, and sets the diamond up in an open style head that lets in lots of light! This Fishtail Setting with a Euroshank would look equally as beautiful!

Split Shank Truth Engagement Ring for Cushion Cut Diamonds Another one of my favorite designs is this rendition of our Split Shank Truth Setting which we adapted to for our Signature Cushion Cut Diamond! This is a cathedral style setting which is set in two sections and covered with pave set diamonds. It is spectacular looking!

Ashleigh Elegant Cathedral Solitaire with Cushion Cut Diamond Another cathedral solitaire design which looks amazing with a cushion cut diamond in it, is our Ashleigh Elegant Cathdral. As you can see, we're able to adapt many of the designs featured in our Catalogue of Engagement Rings to accommodate our Signature Cushion Cut Diamonds... if you see something that you like, just ask us if it can be adapted!

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