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Shipment of some orders may be delayed due to the aftermath of Hurricane Beryl

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What is a euro shank on an engagement ring?

What is a euro shank on an engagement ring?

(Updated on May 4, 2018. Originally Published on September 21, 2016)

“So my girlfriend and I are sitting on the couch watching a movie the other day, when suddenly I’m confronted with she views as a really romantic scene, which I saw more as a moment of impending doom. In the scene in the movie, the couple is having dinner, the guy is acting kind of strange, his girlfriend excuses herself to go to the bathroom, at which time the waiter rushes over with a bottle of champagne and two glasses. The guy drops an engagement ring in her bottle of champagne, launches into a toast when his girlfriend returns, and she accidentally swallows the ring.

Okay, that part was hilarious, but what isn’t funny is that I’ve been shopping for engagement rings and right after that scene, my girlfriend turns to me and asks “So when are you going to buy me a ring?” and needless to say I panicked and froze like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming car. Which she of course interpreted as my having no intention of ever getting married… Which led to an admission that I’ve actually been shopping for rings, and during that discussion she mentioned that she’s always liked a euro-shank, which of course I played off like I had a clue.

So, what is a euro-shank? And can you recommend some rings that feature euro-shanks, both with and without diamond accents.”

Euro Shank Engagement Rings by Brian Gavin:

Quite a few engagement rings designed by Brian Gavin feature a euro-shank. The bezel setting by Brian Gavin featured above is designed with a euro-shank, which is more formally known as a European Shank. The “shank” is the bottom portion of the ring, which as you can see in this picture, features a flattened bottom section, as opposed to the traditional round ring shank. The inclusion of the flatter euro-shank creates the impression that the ring has a look that is more square. One of the benefits of this design concept, is that it tends to reduce the range that the ring is likely to pivot while on the finger.

People who prefer more contemporary designs which are more unique, are likely to prefer ring designs that feature a European Shank or euro-shank as it is commonly known. Our online catalogue features quite a few engagement rings designed by Brian Gavin with a euro-shank.

However, you might consider having a ring custom made if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for. The reality is that most engagement rings can be adapted to incorporate a European ring shank into the design. More on this in a moment, first let’s look at one of the most popular euroshank engagement rings in our collection.

Fishtail euroshank by Brian Gavin:

what-is-fishtail-euro-shank-brian-gavin-full-bezel-engagement-ring-european-shankThis Fishtail euroshank by Brian Gavin features a euro-shank as part of the overall design. The ring also incorporates accent diamonds that are set into the ring shank using fishtail style prongs – hence the name “Fishtail euroshank”. The name of the ring incorporates the trade references for the prong style, as well as a reference to the European shank. This particular ring is pictured here in 18k Rose Gold, which is also known as Pink Gold, or Russian Gold. Brian Gavin offers euro-shank engagement rings (and most of our ring designs) in 18k Rose Gold, White Gold, Yellow Gold, and Platinum to appeal to the preferences of our clients.

Production time on these rings is between 10 business days to two weeks, let me know if you’d like assistance selecting a diamond. I’m pretty sure that you’re going to want to order the ring and plan your proposal pretty quick, so you can get out of the virtual dog house that you find yourself in. I wonder how many guys found themselves in hot water while watching that movie? Be sure to let me know what it is, the scene sounds hilarious to me (because I’m already married).

Design Your Own Euro-shank Engagement Ring:

Lots of people enjoy designing their engagement ring using the Brian Gavin 810 Ring Builder. Since you’ve already spilled the beans and your girlfriend knows that you’re shopping for an engagement ring, you might as well get her involved to ensure that she gets the exact ring that she’s been dreaming about.

Designing her engagement ring together using the 810 Ring Builder should be a real bonding experience. The two of you will start out by deciding what style of ring you want to build, choose between a halo or solitaire style base ring.

Next, you will choose between up to eight different crown configurations, before choosing the style of the ring shank, and choosing between a standard round or euroshank. You’ll be presented with a graphic representation of the ring at each step of the design process.

Which means that the two of you will be able to see exactly what the ring will look like based on the options you choose. Trust me, this is way more fun than shopping for shoes, she’s going to love it, and you don’t even have to leave the couch!

Best of all, you’re going to look like a HERO because this shows that you listen to what she has to say (major dog points). She told you that she wanted a euroshank engagement ring, and the next thing she knows, you’re whipping out your computer and asking her to design her own engagement ring with a euro-shank using the 810 Ring Builder by Brian Gavin.

Are Euroshank Engagement Rings Comfortable?

It practically goes without saying that sometime during the design process, your girlfriend is going to “test you” by asking you for some real input. The question is likely to seem completely innocent and might be presented like this:

“I know that I said I wanted a Euroshank engagement ring, but I’ve never actually worn one. Do you think that a euro-shank is going to feel comfortable on my hand?”

The amateur level, typical guy answer that she’s probably expecting is something simple like, “yea, sure, I’m sure it’s going to be comfortable” but understand that this type of answer is going to make you look weak and shows that you didn’t research the topic at all.

With this in mind, I want to give you a couple of pointers in the form of talking points that will enable you to move the conversation forward and help your girlfriend reach a decision.

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