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What are the best shape accents for a 3 stone ring?

What are the best shape accents for a 3 stone ring?

“My girlfriend wants a three stone diamond engagement ring. We’re wondering what are the best shape accents for a 3 stone ring? We’ve seen rings with round accents, pear shape accents, and tapered baguettes. Is one shape of diamond accent better than another in terms of sparkle? We’ve already purchased a 1.50 carat, G-color, VS-2 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature round diamond as the center stone. We decided on a round brilliant center stone because of the higher volume of light return and sparkle factor that it offers. Will the smaller size of the accent diamonds have any effect upon the light performance?”

Round vs Pear accent stones:

The modern round brilliant ideal cut diamond is the king of light return and sparkle. No other diamond shape provides a higher volume of light return or a better balance of brilliance and dispersion. Of course, I’m strictly referring to the round brilliant super ideal cut diamonds branded as Brian Gavin Signature round diamonds. Our diamonds are cut to a higher standard and precisely crafted to deliver superior light performance.

what-shape-accent-diamond-best-for-3-stone-ring-bgd-summerPear shape diamonds can be very pretty when cut properly, however the majority of pear shape diamonds are not very well cut. We hand select the pear shape accent stones set in Brian Gavin Signature settings like this pear shape three stone Summer Setting by Brian Gavin. This style of 3 stone ring is extremely popular with our customers, because of the way the pear shape diamonds make the ring naturally taper down to the finger. The round accent diamonds featured in the 3 stone Trellis setting by Brian Gavin (pictured above) produce less of a tapered look due to the larger diameter of the round brilliant accent diamonds.

Tapered baguette shape accent diamonds:

what-shape-accent-diamond-best-for-3-stone-ring-sholdt-sashaTapered baguette shape diamonds like those set in the Sasha setting by Sholdt, produce the same tapered effect as pear shape accent stones when set in a ring. Baguette shape diamonds are essentially smaller emerald cut diamonds, which are classified as step-cut diamonds. A tapered baguette is an elongated shape diamond, which gradually tapers down to a slightly smaller size on one end. This gradual tapering of the emerald shape diamond, creates a very slimming effect upon the finger. However, this classification of diamond shape tends to produce a more muted effect in the sparkle department.

Princess cut accent diamonds:

what-shape-accent-diamond-best-for-3-stone-ring-bgd-princess-trellisNaturally I realize that you’re looking for recommendations for accent diamonds that are suitable for a round brilliant cut center stone, but since I’m responding via blog post, I feel like I should mention that princess cut accent diamonds are available from Brian Gavin for 3 stone rings where a Brian Gavin Signature princess cut diamond has been selected as the center stone. The ring pictured to the left is the Brian Gavin 3 Stone Trellis setting for Princess cut diamonds. Our princess cut diamonds are also cut to ideal proportions, and have been designed to produce the highest volume of light return and a virtual balance of brilliance and dispersion.

So which accent shape diamond is best for a 3 stone ring?

Which accent shape diamond is best for a 3 stone ring is really a matter of personal preference. The round brilliant cut diamonds produced by Brian Gavin are going to offer the best light performance, there is no doubt about it. The size of the diamond doesn’t matter, because every Brian Gavin Signature round diamond is produced to the same exacting standards regardless of carat weight.

Pear shape diamonds and tapered baguette shape diamonds are the best option if you prefer the tapered look that they create when set in a ring… We can also use smaller round brilliant cut diamonds to create a similar effect. Deciding which shape of accent diamond to set in a 3 stone ring is really just a matter of choosing the ring style that you find most appealing.

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