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NATURAL: Curated Signature Diamond Collection Starting at 14% Off | LAB: Premium Diamond Collection Up to 30% Off

Valentine's Day and Diamonds: Truly an Unparalelled Pairing

Valentine's Day has long been associated with flowers, candy, and most of all, diamonds. Through the generations, men have traditionally scored huge points with their women by presenting them with beautiful and sentimental diamond jewelry on February 14th.

Many men are happy to go into a local jewelry store and pick out the shiniest bauble they see and proudly buy it to present to their special girl. While it is true that it is the thought that counts, it certainly wouldn't hurt to put a little more thought into the selection.

To those not well versed in buying diamonds and diamond jewelry, there may not be a lot of difference in diamonds. The fact is, nothing could be further from the truth, and while she may not express it so as to not hurt your feelings, the special woman in your life is probably very aware of this fact.

Loose Diamonds Add that Special Touch

The most fun and exciting method for buying a piece of diamond jewelry that will be truly incredible is to choose the diamond yourself from a selection of top quality, ideal cut diamonds. Choosing the diamond that will be the centerpiece of your special Valentine's Day gift not only makes the piece much more personal, but it affords you the knowledge that the diamond is of the utmost fine clarity and cut.

All diamonds are not created equal. Even more important is the fact that all diamonds are not cut equally. When selecting a loose diamond, it is imperative to only peruse the selection of an experienced, talented diamond cutter, as he or she will be able to show you stones that are of the top quality you desire for your someone special.

Brian Gavin Knows Diamond Cutting

Brian Gavin of Brian Gavin Diamonds is a fifth generation diamond cutter. Brian learned the art of diamond cutting while working in his family's diamond factory in South Africa, a world capital for ideal cut diamonds. Brian is a renowned, highly respected diamond cutter, who has created some of the finest diamond designs found anywhere. He and his team are well known throughout the industry for the stunning array of unique, custom designed rings and jewelry pieces they have created for their friends and customers, utilizing Brian's impeccably cut diamonds.

The vast experience of a diamond cutter such as Brian Gavin is indispensible when considering buying a loose diamond. Brian and his team are happy to teach their customers and friends all about the 4Cs of a diamond, as they are fully aware that their diamonds become even more impressive as a prospective buyer learns more about what constitutes high quality in a diamond.

A Valentine's Day Gift that Will Make Her Knees Tremble

This Valentine's Day why not surprise your beloved with a piece of diamond jewelry that will rock her world? Start by visiting and take a look at the incredible selection of loose cut diamonds. This will be the first step in putting together the most incredible and emotion-inspiring Valentine's Day gift she will ever receive.

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