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Unique Designer Engagement Rings for the Ultimate Wow Factor

Selecting an engagement ring is a decision that will stay with a couple for the rest of their lives. If you are considering just quickly popping out to the local jewelry store and grabbing the first shiny thing that catches your eye, maybe you should reconsider, as you don't want to start off the lifelong game of marriage with a fumble.

Finding an engagement ring that is unique and different will really make your betrothed feel special. It may sound like a daunting task to find something truly different, particularly if your jewelry knowledge is on the light side. That's why it is important to partner up with a jeweler who knows the industry inside and out. Don't go someplace where the person you're talking to about your decision of a lifetime gained their knowledge of diamonds and jewelry in on-the-job training in a kiosk next to the Pretzel House.

Truly experienced and knowledgeable jewelers are not plentiful, but they are out there. Someone like Brian Gavin of Brian Gavin Diamonds, for instance, is a world respected jeweler and diamond cutter, and has a staff that gained their knowledge by studying under the best. These are the type of people you need to take you on your quest to finding that perfect, personal engagement ring.

Custom Double Band Diamond Engagement Ring

What Makes an Engagement Ring Unique?

A large part of what goes into making a unique engagement ring is the designer who created it. The designs you will find at retail chains are largely mass-produced, assembly line productions. This is not to cast dispersions on them; it is simply to point out that they do not have a unique design, as the same rings proliferate the malls all over America.

A top end designer of engagement rings will generally either only sell his or her creations through their own specific outlets or contract with select retailers. Designer engagement rings will have a much smaller production of each design than the mass produced, simple creations, making them much more unique.

A little research will instantly turn up the names of top designers. Some, such as the above mentioned Brian Gavin, have actually made revolutions in the design process that sets their lines apart from all others.

Do not be fooled by the perception that if you pay more, you are getting something special. The price of an engagement ring is set by a number of factors, and in the retail world, many times none of them are uniqueness. Quite often, a very basic, populated style will come with a healthy price tag simply due to the jewelry store's high overhead costs.

Consider Having Your Engagement Ring Custom Made

One way to make certain that you have a truly unique engagement ring is to have it custom made. This exciting possibility needs to be approached only working with an experienced, professional artist in the jewelry industry. A good engagement ring designer will work diligently with you to make sure that what he or she is about to create perfectly reflects your vision and epitomizes the love you share with your wife-to-be.

Do not shy away from this idea due to the notion that this route is too expensive. You may be pleasantly surprised how financially sane having your engagement ring created by a top designer like Brian Gavin can be. At, you can check out a huge selection of individual diamonds. The staff there will help you pick the perfect stone, and then continue to help you create a setting that will bring a unique engagement ring to your union.

Custom designed engagement rings are a wonderful way to demonstrate the special nature and individuality of your relationship.

Browse Unique Designer Engagement Rings from Your Own Home

Antisymmetry Custom Diamond Engagement Ring

A great advantage to modern technology for those in the jewelry business is the opportunity to dazzle ring buyers with their stunning designs, while not requiring that they even leave their home. Unfortunately, many jewelry stores and designers do not put forth the effort - or don't have an impressive enough line - to make their creations available to the world via the Internet.

Brian Gavin Diamonds displays a huge selection of their engagement rings design online to make it easy for you to see just how different and special their creations truly are. Designers who put their work out there for all to see have the supreme confidence that their diamonds are so stunning that they don't need to lure people into their store so that a high-pressure sales pitch can be the replacement for actual quality designs.

Buying an engagement ring is a once in a lifetime, exciting experience. Make it extra special by getting a design that is as unique as your relationship, from a designer engagement ring creator who understands just how special your unique relationship truly is.

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