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NATURAL: Curated Signature Diamond Collection Starting at 14% Off | LAB: Premium Diamond Collection Up to 30% Off
The simple diamond surprise

The simple diamond surprise

Surprising a woman with a diamond can be quite simple, it doesn't need to be a veritable Houdini act. The outcome, when executed properly, is more than memorable. She will talk about it with everyone: family, friends, acquaintances and maybe even strangers. But how do you pull this off? The first and easiest step in the process is looking to the Brian Gavin team, a group of men and women that have based their enterprise around this immaculate stone. This team is committed to cutting and designing the highest-quality, non-conflict diamonds that you will find anywhere.

Consider the following simple maneuvers to leave your loved one awestruck:

Your Mother

We always come to our mothers with problems and, if they can't personally solve them, they will make us feel better nonetheless. A very simple way to surprise your mother with this stunning Brian Gavin Diamond Aqua Bracelet - holding 25 aquamarines and 26 diamonds - is to calmly wait for her to walk away and put the box directly on top of everything in her purse. Upon her return, ask her for a pen or a tissue. And there you have it: "I love you Mom. I wouldn't be here without you."

Your Wife

Our wives are our best friends, our anchors, the mother's of our children and an unquantifiable number of other things that remind us that we aren't singular, we aren't alone. - we're a part of something larger and more important. If she's not accustomed to it, a surprise diamond gift strengthens that reminder. Here's a fun idea: Head to the grocery store to pick up produce. When you arrive home, set the bag down at a distance and toss the oranges, cucumbers, bananas, onions, cabbage, etc. to your wife or the whole family as if you're just having a laugh. Last, gently toss your wife what you will claim to be a plum. It will not be a plum - it will be a box containing these gorgeous Coronet Earrings containing 14 diamonds in total. She won't be thinking about the radishes after that.

Your Future Wife

Of course, the the most difficult one comes last. Asking someone to marry you instantly changes your life. It's perhaps the most meaningful experience - proposing to someone to be with you forever. So to do it simply while still making it a surprise, you have to execute it elegantly, otherwise it might come across as untoward. First things first: Get her approximate ring size in advance, and never let her know. A quick way is to take a ring she wears on either ring finger and have a jeweler inform you of its size. This is paramount. She'll want to wear the engagement ring immediately. Slight resizing can be handled later, but she will absolutely want to put it on and keep it on.

Now, a simple surprise for your fiancee-to-be is always in the least likely atmosphere possible. If she's expecting you to propose and you want it to be an unbelievable surprise, don't do it on your vacation together. Don't do it while visiting either of your parents' homes. Don't do it after preparing a candle-lit dinner. Use the most unlikely moment possible. Here's an idea that's been used in the past: your own birthday. Organize a party, or better yet, a fake surprise party for yourself, and then pop the question. She'll be stunned when you kneel to open this Split Shank Truth Engagement Ring, a custom model from the Brian Gavin team, and neither of you will ever forget that simple turn of events that led you into your future together.

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