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The Best Diamond Gifts for Christmas and the Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us, and we now embark upon a mission of hacking our way through the reams of newspaper flyers and email generated ads on a quest to find a truly unique and special gift. Your journey can be greatly simplified by avoiding the pitfalls and landmines of bold-faced advertisements, and instead simply heading to Brian Gavin Diamonds, where a knowledgeable, cheerful and helpful staff will assist you in finding just the right gift to make this holiday something truly special and memorable. Jewelry is, of course, a perfect way to give a gift that is timeless and emotional. Finding just the right piece is an adventure that should not be undertaken without an experienced guide. At, your journey can be completed in the most stunning of manners, with talented, experienced tour guides at your side. Some great diamond gift ideas include:

Ready Set Diamond Studs in Martini and Bezel Sets

Diamond stud earrings make for a beautiful, everlasting gift. Brian Gavin Diamonds offers some simply stunning designs in their "Ready Set" collection. Brian Gavin's martini set "select" ideal cut diamonds, set in beautiful 14k white gold, will absolutely make her gasp with their simple elegance. Brian Gavin's bezel Ready Set earrings also feature select ideal cut diamonds, this time set in pristine 18k white gold bezel settings. Either of these selections will make a holiday memory that will never be forgotten. These ideal cut diamonds are simply fantastic, and are not likely to be rivaled at any jewelry store anywhere.

Pendants and Necklaces

Finding any pendant or necklace is easy; discovering one that will absolutely turn heads everywhere it goes is... well... also easy, but ONLY if you stop by Perhaps a stunning 3 garnet pendant on a beautiful 18k white gold chain is the stunner that will most captivate her imagination. For a truly unique and spectacular gift idea, how about a peridot pendant? Peridot is a beautiful stone that looks incredible when set against an 18k yellow gold chain. Add diamond sparkles all around the stone, and you have a gift that is simply spectacular. How about a citrine necklace? Citrine is a beautiful yellow stone that is truly unique in its display, particularly when coupled with a 14k yellow gold chain. Add to the design, a beautiful heart shaped display of diamonds, and you have a gift that will be unexpected, emotion inspiring and absolutely timeless. For something really unique, how about a golden pearl pendant? A golden pearl is a gem that is breathtaking and unique, particularly when set against stunning diamonds set just above the pearl on a 14k yellow gold chain.

Exotic and Unique Earring Designs

When looking to give the gift of jewelry, it's hard to go wrong with earrings, as if you really look for special designs, the options are impressive. Don't settle for something run-of-the-mill. Here are a few ideas for earring sets that simply demand attention with their beauty and elegance: Heart clusters diamond earrings are an exquisite set of multiple heart shaped designs of eye-catching diamonds on 18k white gold. This design will absolutely knock the socks off of someone on Christmas morning. aquamarine diamond earrings Aqua clusters are a beautiful set of aqua marine gemstones set in 18k white gold. The beauty of pristine aqua marine stones cannot be overstated, and this particular setting simply leaps out at anyone looking at it. These earrings are a gift that won't stay in someone's jewelry box; they will definitely be in her ears at every opportunity. For a gift that is truly unique and gorgeous, how about a floral drop diamond earring set? This design is perfect in its simplicity, yet stunning in its execution. With a sparkling display of diamond flower designs delicately dripping from her ears, your special someone will be living the holidays of a lifetime. These are just a few of the intensely beautiful and unique gift ideas at Brian Gavin Diamonds. Please stop by to see all the beauty we have to offer, and contact us any time to speak with our friendly, experienced staff, who will get you on your way to the jewelry gift purchase that you will remember - and be remembered for - forever.
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