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Receive Up To $2000 Off Your Total Purchase - Terms and Conditions Apply
Receive Up To $2000 Off Your Total Purchase - Terms and Conditions Apply
Right hand rings are still popular 11 years later

Right hand rings are still popular 11 years later

Since 2002, the right-hand ring trend has continued to gain popularity among single and married women alike. Many jewelers began marketing diamond rings as a means to express independence, and thus came up with the "right hand ring" trend, which was later presented to the public by the Diamond Trading Company. Unlike the traditional belief that diamonds are a symbolism of the elite, or marriage, right hand rings are a sign that a woman is happily single, independent or self-sufficient.

The right hand vs. the left hand

​The only difference between right hand rings and diamond engagement rings is the hand they are worn on. Women are sparing no expense when it comes to purchasing a right hand ring for themselves. According to an article by the Cincinnati Business Courier, the right hand ring "trend is merelyan extension of a bigger movement. Women slowly started purchasing jewelry for themselves with pieces such as diamond earrings, tennis bracelets - now, right hand rings are being added to the list.

Buying a diamond ring for oneself was once considered a taboo - today, the trend has come to signify a woman's financial and professional independence. For some women, the trend has nothing to do with relationship statuses but rather is used to punctuate their sense of fashion.

The trend has become quite popular. Celebrities have helped provide momentum to the right hand trend, and some of the celebrities who have been documented wearing diamond right hand rings include:

  • Minnie Driver
  • Eve
  • Halle Berry
  • Madonna
  • Gwen Stefani
  • Mary J. Blige
  • Christina Aguilera
  • Ashanti
  • Beyonce
  • Janet Jackson
  • Mariah Carey

Right hand ring styles

There are no rules when it comes to the finished look and design for right hand rings. Some women prefer diamond right hand rings that look fashionable and fun rather than like that of a traditional diamond engagement ring.

One fashion-forward option to consider is the Elegance diamond fashion ring by Brian Gavin jewelers. The design features a center stone measuring 5.5 mm and is surrounded by 132 round brilliant diamond melees, creating a cut-out-look.

Other stones that have become popular as part of the right hand ring trend include rubies, sapphires and colored diamonds. The pink sapphire and diamond bezel ring is a perfect example of a dainty ring that is not too flashy, but still portrays a woman's financial and professional status. The mixed gem and diamond stones alternate around the band, offering a dose of color to the design without being too flashy.

Whether it's a standard or custom engagement ring design, some women don't feel the need to wait for a man to buy her a large rock. The Thalia design by Brian Gavin, for example, is a ring that could be worn as a right hand ring or an engagement ring. The large center stone and milgrain finish offer sophisticated detail to the ring and can be fit with a colored stone or diamond.

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