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valentine's day proposal ideas

Is Proposing on Valentines Day tacky?

“My girlfriend and I have been together for a couple of years now and she’s dropped enough hints along the lines of ‘my perfect engagement ring’ that I’m confident that the Nicole halo from Brian Gavin, set with a 1.50 carat round diamond would be perfect, since her name is also Nicole; but I’ve got a couple of questions, the first of which is whether you think proposing on Valentines Day is tacky or too cliché? Personally I think that my girlfriend would love a Valentines Day proposal because she’s kind of hopeless romantic, but it’s not really my style, and I guess that is what is giving me pause. The next thing I need to know is whether an I-color, VS-2 clarity, BGD Signature diamond is going to look okay surrounded by the F-G color accent diamonds set in the halo setting.”

The infamous Valentines Day marriage proposal:

I have my own reservations about the idea of proposing marriage on Valentines Day, probably for the same reasons that you seem uncertain about whether or not it is a good idea to propose on Valentines Day, it does seem a bit tacky and cliché to me; however I proposed the question to a group of women from the office over lunch today, and it was met with mixed response… Sorry about the pun, it could not be helped ;-)

When I proposed whether proposing on Valentines Day is tacky or cliché, the women who work here at Brian Gavin responded with a mix of “awwww, how sweet” and “groaaaaaan” and even a “how typical, proposing on Valentines Day demonstrates a total lack of creativity” but after all of the usual commentary came to a halt, the overall consensus of the group seemed to indicate that “anytime is a good time to receive an engagement ring” and the hopeless romantics in the group indicated that a Valentines Day marriage proposal would sweep them off their feet; so based upon your indication that your girlfriend is a hopeless romantic, I’d guess that a Valentines Day marriage proposal would send your girlfriend over the moon!

I-color center stone with F-G color accent diamonds:

It is not uncommon for people to wonder about the importance of matching up the diamond color grades of the primary center stone selected for a ring, and the accent diamonds that are set in the ring; however in my experience, any slight difference in the color grade of the primary and accent diamonds set in a ring, does not need to be a concern, because our eyes tend to be drawn to the sparkle of the center stone, and can’t see past it to be able to accurately judge the color of the smaller accent diamonds, without a great deal of scrutiny and effort.

It sounds like the Nicole halo setting from Brian Gavin is the perfect engagement ring for your girlfriend Nicole! That’s a wonderful coincidence… the ring is actually named after a client of ours who is named Nicole, who commissioned the ring; we always give our clients the opportunity to name rings, which are custom designed on their behalf. I want to point out that you could save a bit of money by going with this 1.461 carat, I-color, VS-2 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature round, because of the price increase that occurs between the 1.49 – 1.50 carat marks. Score!

I thought that it would be interesting to conclude this blog post by asking our readers to express their opinion about whether “proposing on Valentines Day is tacky” since I’m guessing that more than a few guys are trying to decide whether to pop the question this Valentines Day; please feel free to comment below.

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