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Pave Diamond Engagement Rings for A Truly Sparkling Design

Fishtail Pave for Princess Cut Diamond Engagement RingPave designs are those that involve the setting of many small stones in close proximity to one another to the point that no metal is visible on the setting. Pave diamond engagement rings are available at all jewelry stores, but if you are looking for a truly special, unique pave design, you need to look into the creations of top designers.

Don't make the mistake of believing that the best deals are at the chain jewelry stores that supply all the mass produced designs. Designer pave diamond engagement rings are generally much more elaborate of design and often use much higher quality diamonds. Particularly when taking all of this into consideration, you come out miles ahead getting a designer ring rather than one that is pushed in flyers and sales ads at most retailers throughout the nation.

What to Look for in A Designer Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

So what sets designer rings apart from their run of the mill counterparts? A good illustration is to take a look at the offerings of one of the top designers, Brian Gavin Diamonds. Just perusing their website at and zeroing in on the pave diamond engagement rings will give you an excellent idea of the look, color and clarity of top end diamonds, set in imaginative settings.

Once you have taken some time to really soak in these designs, when you compare them to the offerings at chain stores, the difference is striking. The fact is, an engagement ring is a purchase of a lifetime. It should be reflective of the emotion and passion you have for the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. Don't let the embodiment of this feeling be represented by anything less than a ring that says exactly what you want to convey to the one you love.

What Are Some of the Pave Designs?

Pave settings come in a wide variety of designs. They are some of the most spectacular looking, as the careful arrangement of many small diamonds makes for a truly sparkling, breathtaking appearance. To get a good feel for some of the different designs, a good place to start is, once again, at Brian Gavin Diamonds. Some of their pave diamond engagement ring designs include:

Truth Micro Pave Eternity Diamond Engagement Ring
  • Truth Micro Pave Princess - This beautiful design features a 2.00mm 18k 2-piece white gold band that is completely surrounded by small pave diamonds, and features a beautiful, singular diamond as the centerpiece. Once selecting this design, you then have the privilege of deciding on which elegant diamond to have mounted as your breathtaking center diamond.
  • Truth Micro Pave Eternity - This design clearly illustrates the superiority of creations that come from the minds of top designers. This incredible design features a 2.00mm 18k white gold band, surrounded by the elegant pave diamonds that simply scream out their perfection. At the top of the ring, sits the centerpiece diamond of your choice.

To really get the feel of top designer pave creations, though, all you have to do is take a look at the fishtail designs. These pave styled engagement rings feature incredible detail and stunning diamonds. The fishtail pave rings use a design that has each of the small diamonds held in place by little "V"s of the setting metal. This gives the ring a wonderfully unique look, with the continuous surface of diamonds resembling a fishtail.


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