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Discover BG Deluxe Lab + Save on Engagement Rings. Learn More.
Matching engagement sets vs. mismatched rings

Matching engagement sets vs. mismatched rings

If you've started to browse engagement ring styles, you've likely noticed that some custom engagement rings come with a matching wedding band, while others shine all on their own. There are several benefits to each style, which can make it difficult for even the most knowledgeable man to choose the right ring for his bride-to-be. Consider these essential ring buying tips to help you decipher whether a matching engagement ring set vs. individual engagement ring and wedding band are better suited for you and your betrothed:


Many women will have their engagement ring and wedding band soldered to keep the two rings together. While this is a popular trend, it's not always conducive for certain women. If you see children in your future, you may want to forgo the matching ring set and instead opt for a custom engagement ring and solid women's wedding band as many new mother's will remove their engagement ring to prevent scratching the baby.

On the other hand, an active lady might feel more secure having her rings soldered together, especially if she plays sports, gardens or does crafts. A matching ring set may be easier to remove and keep safe, or help prevent one of the rings from slipping off.


Only the customer can determine how much money they are willing to spend on an engagement ring. Be honest with the jeweler about your price range so he or she can help direct you to different styles that fall within that range. Engagement ring sets are typically less expensive in the long run than buying a custom engagement ring and a separate wedding band. You may also have a difficult time trying to find a women's wedding band that pairs well with the engagement ring, so if you'd rather be safe than sorry, look for an engagement ring set.

Let her choose

If you think that the decision about a matching wedding band should be left to your wife's discretion, you can do one of two things:

1. Purchase a ring that you know has a matching women's wedding band. Talk with your jeweler, and have them record the style of engagement ring you chose as well as the style of the matching wedding band. This way, she can see the matching wedding ring before you purchase it.

2. Buy an solitaire engagement ring. This simplistic style can be easily matched up with women's classic wedding bands or eternity band. You will have less trouble fitting a standard band with the engagement ring as well, as a multi-stone engagement ring may call for a curved band, which can be difficult to match if it's not purchased with the engagement ring.

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