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April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds
April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds
What makes Brian Gavin Blue diamonds Blue?

What makes Brian Gavin Blue diamonds Blue?

The diamonds featured within the Brian Gavin Blue Collection are not actually Blue, they are white diamonds which look perfectly normal when viewed under normal lighting circumstances, but which will glow the beautiful neon blue color pictured above when exposed to black light because they are blue fluorescent diamonds.

Fluorescence in diamonds is caused by the presence of boron molecules, which glow different colors, like blue, white, yellow, orange, green, and red, when exposed to black light and strong ultra violet light. Only diamonds with blue fluorescence are selected to be "Brian Gavin Blue".

Is there a visible difference between Brian Gavin Signature & Blue?

All of the diamonds featured in the Brian Gavin Blue collection, are cut on the same production line as our Brian Gavin Signature Diamonds, so they are just as bright, and exhibit the same incredible volume of brilliance, dispersion, and scintillation!

And we back up that claim by sending all of our Signature and Brian Gavin Blue diamonds to the American Gem Society Laboratory (AGSL) for grading on their Proprietary Light Performance grading platform, which uses Angular Spectrum Evaluation Technology, to verify that our diamonds exhibit a superior degree of light return and visual performance!

If you look at the ASET Scope and Ideal Scope images for our Signature and Brian Gavin Blue diamonds, as featured on the diamond details pages, you'll see that they exhibit equally impressive optical symmetry and light return.

Why are Brian Gavin Blue diamonds priced so well?

In most instances, the diamonds featured in the Brian Gavin Blue collection will be priced a little lower than diamonds of comparable carat weight, color, and clarity, from the Brian Gavin Signature collection, because of a general discount which is applied to diamonds with fluorescence.

The discount for fluorescence causes some people to think that fluorescence might detract from the beauty of a diamond, however this is not the case. In order to make sense of the discount, we need to travel back in time to the 1970's when a group of investment bankers in Asia, elected to preclude diamonds with fluorescence from parcels of "investment diamonds" which they were marketing, in an effort to distinguish their investment parcels from those being offered by other brokerages.

Over time, this created an overstock of diamonds with fluorescence, and diamond cutters began to offer discounts for diamonds with fluorescence in an effort to sell them faster. The end result was that it created what seems to be a permanent discount for fluorescent diamonds in the colorless and near-colorless ranges. However blue fluorescence can demand a premium in diamonds which are faint yellow and warmer in color, because it can make the diamond appear whiter in some lighting scenarios.

Interestingly enough, while some consumers express concern about the presence of fluorescence within diamonds, blue fluorescent diamonds seem to be extremely popular with members of the trade, who recognize the positive traits which fluorescence adds to a diamond.

And an in-depth study conducted by the Gemological Institute of America determined that fluorescence affected less than 2% of gem quality diamonds in a negative manner. In other words, 98% of gem quality diamonds with fluorescence are not affected in a negative manner by the fluorescence, even those with strong blue and very strong blue fluorescence.

Rest assured that any diamond which you select from either the Brian Gavin Signature or the Brian Gavin Blue collection is going to be absolutely gorgeous, because Brian Gavin oversees the production and personally evaluates every diamond to ensure that it meets his strict selection criteria.

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