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Looking for a 3 Stone Ring with a 1ct Center Stone and Two 0.20ct Pear Side Stones

Grace 3 Stone Ring with Pear Side Stones

Question 1:

I want a 3-stone ring with pear sides. For this style, there are lots of options listed in your website. So would you please explain to me the differences among them and also which one is the best seller?

There are very slight differences and most are due to the design of the shank for the settings. Our most popular style is our beautiful Grace 3 stone with pears. It has a very thin style band and it pinches in at the top so it gives a really awesome presence on top.

Question 2:

My budget for the ring is $10,000 so the ideal plan is center stone 1 ct with 2 side stone. Shinning is what I am looking for so I guess "BGD hearts and arrows" may be a good choice. Excluding the setting for about 2,500, I only have 7500 left for the center stone. I can not find a BGD signature stone one bigger than 1 ct, but I can find some 0.9 ct. So my second question is which one is your recommendation? A 0.9 ct signature or a 1.0 ct stone which is not ideally cut?

For performance, I certainly would not sacrifice on the cut of the center stone. A .90ct BGD H&A stone will look much larger than it's actual size due to it's performance so this would certainly be my recommendation. We actually just sold the G VS2 but we still have this gorgeous stone available: .901 H VS2 Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Diamond Round

.901 H VS2 Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Diamond Round

Question 3:

Actually, for question 2, I am wondering if I buy the default settings that list on your website, does it give me the best proportion between the side stone and a 1 ct center stone? I kind of think maybe 0.2 ct for the side stone is a little big. Can you show me some pics of 3 stone rings with center one is 1.0 ct? The final effect I want is that people can see the side ones but focus on the center one. If the side stones are too big, it would make me feel that it is like a band rather than a diamond ring.

The .20ct stones will certainly be the most proportionate look for the mm measurement of the stone that you're considering. If we go any smaller, the sides will look dwarfed and changed the entire flow of the setting. Here is a link for our blog to a few styles that feature roughly .90-1ct centers for you to get a better look: Three Stone Engagement Rings with Pear Shape Side Stones are Very Popular at Brian Gavin Diamonds.

Question 4:

If I ask for a smaller diamond for the side stone, would that make the total price cheaper?

Depending on the matched pear availability, the pricing for the stones may be slightly less but we'll have to modify the mold for the setting to accommodate the smaller stones

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