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Receive Up To $2000 Off Your Total Purchase - Terms and Conditions Apply
Is 14k rose gold a good choice for jewelry?

Is 14k rose gold a good choice for jewelry?

“While looking for diamond engagement rings, I noticed the new banner on the site which is promoting Italian 14k rose gold jewelry, and I think that my soon-to-be fiance who has an upcoming birthday would like the Rose Crown necklace, but I’ve never heard of rose gold before… is 14k rose gold a good choice for jewelry?”

Why rose gold is a popular alloy for fine jewelry:

Rose gold is actually an extremely popular choice for fine jewelry of all descriptions, including diamond engagement rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and necklaces; it is a vintage alloy combination that has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years.

Rose gold is essentially yellow gold which has been colored yellow by adding copper and other alloys to the mixture to make it pink in color; rose gold is also commonly referred to as pink gold, and used to be known as Russian gold, because it was a popular jewelry alloy in Russia at one time.

One of the benefits of rose gold is that it has a nice warm appearance that women really seem to love! And since the only thing that makes it different from white gold or yellow gold is the color, it is an excellent choice for all types of jewelry, including the Rose Crown necklace from Brian Gavin which looks absolutely stunning on this young lady! Notice how beautifully the rose gold looks against her skin, it is one of those jewelry alloys that seems to look great on all skin tones, which makes it the perfect gift.

The great thing about the new Italian Rose Gold jewelry collection from Brian Gavin is that the jewelry is designed to be worn individually or as a complete set, so you can add the matching rose stem earrings and rose stem bracelet to her collection of jewelry at different intervals, so we’ve got you covered as far as gift ideas go for the next few events!

How to care for 14k rose gold jewelry:

While we’re on the subject of rose gold jewelry, I might as well cover how to care for rose gold jewelry, and how to clean rose gold jewelry, since this is a subject that we get asked about from time to time.

Given the fact that 14k rose gold jewelry is the same as 14k white gold and 14k yellow gold jewelry, the same approach should be taken to clean and care for jewelry which is made of any type of gold alloy.

Rose gold jewelry should be stored in a dry place, which is soft, such as a felt lined jewelry box, or soft satchel, so that the finish of the jewelry will not be scratched or dented by being bumped or rubbed up against other jewelry items.

Rose gold jewelry should be inspected, cleaned, and polished by a qualified jeweler twice per year, to ensure that the structure of the piece is sound and not in need of repair; you can use a solution consisting of 50% warm water and 50% household ammonia to briefly soak 14k gold jewelry items, however this mixture should not be used with any gemstones other than diamonds, rubies, and sapphires, because it can seriously damage other gemstones which are soft or porous, e.g. this method of cleaning is NOT suitable for cleaning jewelry items which contain emeralds, tanzanite, opal, pearls, jade, lapis, onyx, and other gemstones which are similar in type or composition… be sure to consult a qualified jeweler before cleaning anything which you’re not sure of.

Additional insight on how to clean fine jewelry can be found in the article “How to clean a diamond engagement ring” the concept is similar.

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