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Kelim Silver Jewelry Collection

Introducing the Kelim Silver Jewelry Collection

Brian Gavin is very excited to introduce the Kelim Silver Jewelry Collection just in time for the 2015 holiday gift giving season! Silver jewelry that is truly art! It is unlike anything that we’ve seen before, and believe me, we’ve seen a lot of silver jewelry. The silver jewelry designed by Meral and Halil is fluid, elegant, and remarkably feminine in appearance, and incredibly comfortable to wear. There is rich diversity to be found within the more than 500 designs offered by Kelim Jewelry Designs, and we’ve selected the very best to be featured by Brian Gavin. It’s not likely that you’ve seen these designs before, Kelim Silver is produced in Istanbul, and is fairly new to our market.

Meral and Halil like to say that “Silver is our canvas, nature our inspiration, and jewelry our art” and it is apparent in every unique design produced by the eight artisans employed by Kelim Silver in their family owned jewelry studio.

Some of the inspiration for Kelim Silver Designs are inspired by the Kelim / Kilim flatweaving techniques that are part of the heritage of cultures from Turkey, Afghanistan, the Balkans, the Causcasus, Central Asia and China, Iran, Pakistan, and North Africa. The traditional rugs are woven on a loom, and are made from a variety of animal hairs which are hand spun, and often adorned with beads to add texture. In case you’re curious, you can find a wide selection of Kilim rug designs on Pinterest, and while you’re there be sure to Follow Brian Gavin on Pinterest.

silver-falling-water-necklace-kelim-jewelry-designOther designs like this silver falling water necklace by Kelim jewelry designs, are inspired by, well, droplets of falling water of course! You can just see the droplets of water dripping off of the necklace, and feel the fluid flow of the necklace as it drapes upon your neck, it is a feeling that inspires such elegance. We really can’t get enough of this fine silver jewelry designed by Kelim, we’re definitely in love with their creations. Elegant leaves of finely rolled silver, petals of flowers woven in incredible sensations of unrivaled beauty, water droplets, silver vines creeping, weaving, taking hold of our imagination.

silver-disk-cuff-links-kelim-jewelryThis is the stuff that dreams are made of, and you will be delighted at how affordable silver jewelry by Kelim happens to be! And for the ladies who are looking to present that extra special gift to the man in their lives this holiday season, there are several styles of elegant silver cuff links to make his formal office attire complete. I realize that most of the shirts he wears are probably button cuffed these days, but there is nothing like wearing a shirt with sleeves that are finished with a pair of cuff links made of real silver! That little bit of extra flair that says this is somebody who knows how to dress, somebody with style, a professional, properly attired for every occasion.

I promise that you’re going to love the designs featured in the Kelim Silver Jewelry Collection from Brian Gavin. Whether you wear this fine silver jewelry during the day or the night, you’re going to look and feel fabulous!

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