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Receive Up To $2000 Off Your Total Purchase - Terms and Conditions Apply
Receive Up To $2000 Off Your Total Purchase - Terms and Conditions Apply
Integrate Pantone's color of the year into your jewelry collection with these custom pieces from the Brian Gavin Elegance line

Integrate Pantone's color of the year into your jewelry collection with these custom pieces from the Brian Gavin Elegance line

Pantone revealed that emerald is the color of 2013. Described as a lively, radiant lush shade of green, emerald is having a moment in fashion and interior design. From the red carpet to your significant other's jewelry box, these elegant tourmaline and tsavorite pieces from the Brian Gavin Elegance collection are sure to please.


Elegance AA20 - The Elegance AA20 drop earrings offer a glamorous look for any special occasion outfit. The top emerald cut green tourmaline stones measure 10x8 mm and the smaller center stones are 6x4 mm. There are a total of 292 brilliant round diamonds that surround the center stones, and the total carat weight of the earrings is approximately 1.9 ctw.

Elegance AA21 - Similar in style to the aforementioned Elegance AA20 design, the Elegance AA21 embodies two emerald cut green tourmaline center stones surrounded by 232 round brilliant diamonds. The total weight of the emerald cut earrings combined equals approximately 1.33 ctw.

Elegance PH22 - Although the Elegance PH22 earrings are similar in design to the Elegance PB10 fashion ring, the drop earrings feature yellow and red tsavorites in addition to the sapphire, diamond and green tsavorite stones. The combined total carat weight of the 42 round brilliant diamonds, 186 sapphires and 60 tsavorites equals approximately 2.125 ctw.


Elegance AA30 - This .75 ctw pendant necklace is sure to catch everyone's eye! Hanging from a roll chain, the Elegance AA30 fashion pendant is made from 129 round brilliant diamonds that surround an 8x6 mm emerald cut green tourmaline center stone.

Elegance AA31 - Slightly different from its counterpart, the Elegance AA31 pendant encompasses a single 8x6 mm green tourmaline emerald cut center stone. Unlike the Elegance AA30 though, this particular pendant only has 37 round brilliant diamonds along the interior of the cut-out design while the outer rim is plain white gold.

Elegance AD30 - A variation of the necklaces above is the round version of the green tourmaline pendant necklace. An 8 mm round tourmaline stone floats in the middle of the star-shaped design and is surrounded by 139 round brilliant diamonds. The pendant hangs from a rolo chain and is 1.05 ctw.


Elegance AA40 - One of the most exquisite pieces of the entire Elegance collection is the fashion cuff. The bracelet features five emerald cut green tourmaline stones, each measuring 14x10 mm. The outline of the cuff and the center stones are surrounded by a total of 534 round brilliant diamonds. Together, the gemstones and diamond melees weigh in at 4-1/5 ctw.

Fashion rings

Elegance AA10 - Composed of 116 round brilliant diamonds and an 8x6 mm emerald cut center stone, the 2/3 ctw Elegance AA10 fashion ring is surefire way to make a statement. Dress it up with a black sheath dress for work or date night or pair the elegant design with jeans and a white t-shirt - either way, this ring will be the focus of your ensemble.

Elegance AA11 - Slightly smaller in size than the AA10 version, the Elegance AA11 fashion ring embodies the same overall design aesthetic but measures in at approximately 3/8 ctw. The emerald cut tourmaline center stone dimension is 7x5 mm and there are a total of 102 round brilliant diamonds that surround it.

Elegance AC10 - Oval ring designs in general have have become quite popular thanks to Duchess Catherine and the fictional character Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart. The Elegance AC10 ring combines the gemstone effect of Middleton's ring (except the stone is tourmaline rather than sapphire) with the tiny diamond facets of Swan's heirloom engagement ring. A total of 136 round brilliant diamonds surround the 8x6 oval cut green stone, equaling 3/4 ctw.

Elegance PB10 - Unlike the rest of the elegance collection, the PB10 fashion ring is made up of various stones, including 165 round brilliant diamonds, 115 brilliant sapphires and 17 round brilliant tsavorites. The ring design mimics the look of several stacked bands, but the abstract stone pattern suggests that the design is a thick band. The ring measures in at approximately 1/8 ctw and is made from 18k white gold.

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