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How to choose the center diamond of a halo ring

How to choose the center diamond of a halo ring

"I am interested in buying a halo style engagement ring. However, I’m not sure how to choose the halo ring center diamond. A local jeweler told me that halo settings are made to fit center stones of different sizes, but when I looked at the halo settings he offered, it seemed like the center stones did not really fit the rings. There seemed to be too much open space between the outer edge of the diamond and the halo of small diamonds that surround the center stone. Is this normal? Or is there a way to ensure that the center stone better fits the halo setting? Any recommendations you make will be appreciated. I’m looking for something in the range of 1.50 carats, G-H-I color, VS-2 clarity and higher."

Store stock vs custom made halo settings:

The majority of halo settings are manufactured in bulk, designed to fit a range of center stone sizes. This is why the diamonds set in most halo settings, seem to have too much open space around the center stone. Using the 1.50 carat center stone you are looking for as an example, a standard stock halo setting available for that carat weight, would actually be made to fit diamonds weighing between 1.40 – 1.65 carats. Thus the center stone might look too large, or too small for the setting. However, the custom halo setting above from Brian Gavin is made specifically to encompass the center stone selected for the ring, it’s going to fit perfectly.

The custom jewelry division of Brian Gavin Diamonds, makes each ring one at a time, specifically designed to fit the center stone selected for the ring. This ensures a perfect fit every time. Thus choosing the center for a halo setting is quite simple, just pick whichever Brian Gavin Signature diamond you want. We’ll build a ring for it.

Selecting the perfect center stone for halo setting:

how-to-choose-sarah-halo-ring-center-diamond-bgdThe Brian Gavin Signature round hearts and arrows diamond set in this Sarah halo setting by Brian Gavin, fits perfectly because the setting was built to fit the diamond selected by the client. Selecting the perfect center stone for a halo setting is easy, because it is not necessary to select a diamond of a specific carat weight. There are no limits. No size restrictions. Every halo setting offered by Brian Gavin, is custom designed to fit the diamond selected. The center stone is going to be set at just the right space from the halo setting, creating the perfect halo effect. And the cut quality of the accent diamonds is equal to the cut quality of the BGD Signature diamond center stone.

This means that the accent diamonds set in the halo portion of the ring, will offer the same high volume of light return, and the same incredible sparkle factor of the center stone! This is another advantage of buying your halo diamond engagement ring from us. Brian Gavin sets the standard for hearts and arrows diamonds. The best halo diamond engagement rings, are made by Brian Gavin. Nobody does it better.

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