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How does resizing work?

How does resizing work?

After you've received your custom engagement ring, there is a good chance that it will need to be resized in order to fit your finger perfectly. Many new brides-to-be have their rings resized, but it can be a bit nerve-racking (and sad) to let your ring go for a couple days. Although it might seem like a damaging and difficult process, it isn't too complicated. To ease your concerns, here is a breakdown of how the procedure works:

Making it larger

To increase the size of an engagement ring, the jeweler will cut into the bottom portion of the ring, which is commonly called the shank. Then, he or she will add a piece of metal to expand the circumference. The metal is then melded together completely by soldering it or using laser technology. After the ring is resized, it will be polished and refinished to its natural, stunning shine.

Making it smaller

In order to make a ring smaller, the jeweler will take a small portion of the metal from the bottom (the same place where he or she adds metal). Then, the jeweler will solder and reshape the ring to appropriately fit your finger. The ring is later cleaned and shined up and returned back to you.

Resizing protocol is different depending on the style of your ring. For example, rings with paved stones may only be able to be resized slightly without the jeweler having to reset the stones.

After getting your ring resized, there should be no visible change to it. When you are taking your ring in, consider that your finger's size changes slightly throughout the year – warm weather may cause a bit of swelling. It is possible to resize rings multiple times without doing any damage.

Resizing with the Brian Gavin team

If you need to have your ring resized, the Brian Gavin team offers one free resizing, as long as you only need to go one size up or down. Sizing beads, going more the size up or down, and shipping and insurance can also result in an extra charge. If you have purchased a full eternity setting, the jewelry cannot be resized.

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