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Up To 25% Off Lab Diamonds
Gazing Upon the Blue Moon Diamond

Gazing Upon the Blue Moon Diamond

Every once and awhile a diamond comes along that takes my breath away. Well, admittedly that’s almost every day around the office of Brian Gavin Diamonds, but every once and awhile a diamond comes along that takes my breath away and leaves me breathless… Breathless and wanting, dreaming, lost in the very nature of the diamond and how truly rare it happens to be, and today was one of those days. Because Sotheby’s announced the upcoming rise of The Blue Moon Diamond into the World of Dreams!

the-blue-moon-diamond-sotheby-s-auction-fancy-vivid-blue-internally-flawlessWeighing in at a healthy 12.03 carats, this sensational fancy vivid blue, internally flawless cushion cut diamond, is the largest of its kind to ever be offered for sale at auction. The projected auction price is estimated to be between $35,000,000 - 55,000,000 USD. The diamond will be sold at the Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels sale to be held this month in Geneva. We Do Big Rocks at Brian Gavin Diamonds and offer a wide variety of fancy color diamonds, but I have to admit that I’m trying to figure out an excuse to sneak out of the office and feast my eyes upon this diamond!

Crossing over into enemy territory:

You don’t happen to need a proxy for the upcoming Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels sale at Sotheby’s do you? A little diamond expert in your back pocket to look things over and give you the big thumbs up before you bite the bullet and bid on this little guy? Because I’m willing to skip out on a day or two of answering email and actually doing my job to spend a few minutes drooling over one of the rarest fancy blue diamonds in the world. We don’t have to tell Brian, we’ll just tell him that I’m sick, cough, cough, sick, very sick.

But who can blame me? Really?

It’s not like we’re really competitors of Sotheby, they do their thing, we do ours, we both sell diamonds of exquisite quality, but they get to play with twelve carat, fancy vivid blue, cushion cut diamonds that are expected to sell for the price of a Small Island in the Caribbean, and all I’ve got to push around on my desk is this 4.65 carat, VS-2 clarity, fancy light blue color, cushion cut diamond that is selling for $372,100.00

By the way, I tried that line on Mr. Gavin a few minutes ago, and it got me about as far as a cricket playing the violin under a beautiful blue moon, which I thought was kind of an appropriate illustration given the subject at hand.

Why do natural blue diamonds cost so much?

If you’re accustomed to the price of “white diamonds” they you are likely to find yourself infected with a serious case of sticker shock when you are introduced to your first natural fancy colored blue diamond, like the 4.65 carat, fancy blue color diamond referenced previously which is priced at $372,000.00 and is light blue in color… higher intensity colored diamonds cost considerably more.

After all, it is relatively the same carat weight as this 4.61 carat, G-color, VS-1 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature round diamond, which is currently priced at around $200K. What’s the deal?

The fact is that natural fancy colored diamonds are even more rare than natural diamonds which are colorless and near-colorless. It is estimated that only one in every ten thousand diamonds is a fancy color diamond. Explained a different way, it means that only about 0.001% of all the diamonds that are mined are fancy color diamonds, and only a very small percentage of those will be blue in color.

The blue color by the way is believed to be created by the presence of boron while the diamond crystal is being formed. It bonds to the carbon crystal structure, and absorbs red, yellow, and green from the color spectrum, and creating what our eyes interpret as blue.

See, this is the kind of cool insider secrets that I can share with you while we’re sitting next to each other at the Sotheby’s auction in November. I can help you out by holding on to your auction paddle, keep it safe until you’re ready to bid on something…

Top Secret Inner Office Insight: (read: Full Legal Disclosure): He talks with his hands, especially when excited! Do not accept his offer to represent you at the auction, do not let him hold your paddle if you do bring him to the auction! Wait! Now that we think about it, do bring him to the auction as your proxy, and do let him hang on to your auction paddle. We’ve got a great custom design division here at Brian Gavin Diamonds, you practice scribbling a bunch of zero’s in that little box on those checks that are just wasting away in your purse, and we’ll start designing a setting to showcase The Blue Moon.

Photo Credit: Sotheby’s Auction House

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