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Freya Solitaire Engagement Ring

First look at our new Olympus collection of engagement rings

It’s finally here! The collection of engagement rings that we’ve all been waiting for… the Olympus collection of engagement rings designed by Brian Gavin features eight revolutionary e-ring designs that highlight the free flowing feminine spirit, with elegant design lines that flow effortlessly from one section of the ring to another.

Each unique design that comprises the Olympus collection of engagement rings is inspired by a goddess, thus they embrace the power of the feminine, while being strong, and delicate, all at the same time.

Introducing the Juno solitaire from Brian Gavin:

The Juno solitaire by Brian Gavin focuses on the greatness of the center stone, while providing sleek lines that blend into a ring shank that is designed from a minimalist mindset. The ring shank tapers at the top, where it smoothly transitions into a four prong head that we’re positive is going to be quite popular. The Juno solitaire by Brian Gavin is the perfect solitaire style engagement ring for women who appreciate tradition, but who also appreciate a bit of modern flair. The ring is available in 18k white gold, 18k yellow gold, 18k rose gold and platinum.

Introducing the Freya solitaire by Brian Gavin:

The Freya solitaire from Brian Gavin is a designer six prong solitaire which incorporates a stunning six prong crown that elegantly flows from one stem to the other with seamless perfection. We’re really excited to be adding several new solitaire style engagement rings to our collection of Brian Gavin Signature Settings, because diamond solitaire engagement rings happen to be the most popular styles of e-rings, most likely because they are timeless to the extent that they never seem to go out of style or fade from popularity. The Freya solitaire introduces a unique twist on the traditional solitaire ring design, which we’re sure you’re going to love!

The Diana 3 stone ring for round diamonds:

Three stone rings have been popular for quite some time, and always seem to be in demand, however traditionally there have only been a few basic three stone ring styles to choose from, until now… Introducing the Diana three stone ring by Brian Gavin, which features a sweeping design that is so unique that it just might turn things on their side in terms of how other jewelry designers think of three stone ring design in the future! As with all Brian Gavin Signature ring designs, skilled craftsman who work under the direct supervision and guidance of Brian Gavin craft this ring in-house, so every ring that we make is guaranteed to be a masterpiece.

The Athena pear shape three stone ring:

It isn’t likely that you’re going to want a traditional three stone ring with pear shape accents after you feast your eyes on the new Athena pear shape three stone ring by Brian Gavin, because the soft sweeping arches which create the upper cage-work of this design are likely to sweep you off your feet! The ring features two pear shape accents that weigh about a half carat total weight, and is designed to accommodate Brian Gavin Signature round diamond center stones weighing up to two carats, with the option of having the ring made to fit larger center stones for a small additional charge. Each ring in the Olympus collection is custom made to order.

The Iris bezel setting with pave set diamond accents:

Bezel settings have been gaining in popularity lately, and it’s no wonder given the fact that today’s modern woman lives an extremely active lifestyle! Bezel settings like the Iris setting by Brian Gavin eliminate having to worry about prongs, and offer a low profile setting that lends itself to being worn in a variety of circumstances where prongs might present a problem. A single row of pave set diamonds adorns either side of the ring shank, naturally the accent diamonds consist of Brian Gavin Signature melee cut diamonds, which are cut to the same standards as larger Brian Gavin Signature round diamonds.

The Gaia pave set diamond solitaire:

There is no doubt that the Gaia solitaire from Brian Gavin is going to turn quite a few heads! It features a sleek tapered ring shank that is adorned with Brian Gavin Signature melee cut diamonds, which are pave set on either side of the center stone. The four prong designer head is attractive and flows gracefully into the ring shank. As with all of the rings in the Olympus collection, the accent diamonds are F-G in color and VS in clarity. Each ring is custom built to accommodate the specific diameter of the Brian Gavin Signature round diamond selected to be the center stone, so everything will fit perfectly.

Venus Halo diamond e-ring from Brian Gavin:

One of the most popular styles of engagement ring at this time is the halo setting, and the Venus halo setting from Brian Gavin is sure to be a hit! We’ve combined the elements of a halo setting, and added the extra sparkle provided by a three stone setting by adding two larger accent diamonds that are set on either side of the center stone, and then incorporated Brian Gavin Signature melee that is F-G color and VS clarity, which is pave set down the ring shank. The Venus setting from Brian Gavin seems to sparkle from every angle when you gaze upon it, and the sparkle is so intense that it demands attention from across the room! It’s simply heavenly!

Aphrodite three stone ring designed by Brian Gavin:

Brian Gavin went all out when he designed the Aphrodite three stone ring for the Olympus Collection, this three stone ring is unlike any other ring you’ve ever seen, the Brian Gavin Signature round diamond and the two larger accent diamonds are held in place by sweeping arches that intertwine in a manner which seems simply magical. The first time I was presented with the prototype for this ring, my mind instantly flashed upon the Elven city of Rivendell from Lord of the Rings, the ring just has that kind of feel to it, elegant, sparkly, sophisticated, and simply mesmerizing. It is the most beautiful three stone setting that I’ve ever seen…


It is important to note that every ring from the Brian Gavin Olympus Collection is made to order, we don’t make it until we know which Brian Gavin Signature round diamond is going to be set in the ring, and then we make the setting to fit that specific diamond.

The round diamond accents used in the ring are Brian Gavin Signature melee, which is F-G color, and VS clarity, the diamonds are cut to the same production standards as larger Brian Gavin Signature round diamonds, thus the volume of light return, balance of brilliance and dispersion, and the overall visual performance of the accent diamonds is comparable to that of the center stone.

Most of the designs are available in 18k white gold, 18k yellow gold, 18k rose gold, and platinum, so the rings from the Brian Gavin Olympus Collection are available in all of the popular alloy types and metal colors.

Production time averages 10 – 14 business days, so be sure to order allow adequate time for us to make the ring, remember that these rings are made to order to ensure that the ring provides the perfect fit for the center stone, these rings are not mass produced to accommodate center stone sizes based upon a range, e.g. 1.00 – 1.33 carats, 1.33 – 1.50 carats, 1.50 – 1.75 carats, and so on.

Prices listed are for the setting only, for center stone sizes weighing up to 2.00 carats, with settings usually being available for diamonds of a larger carat weight, for a small additional fee. Center stone is not included in the price of the setting.

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