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Engagement Ring Trends: Winter 2010

Winter is, of course, the season of ice, so what better way to celebrate the cold than by taking a look at the most beautiful and emotional of ice sculptures: engagement rings. Your selection of an engagement ring is a decision meant to last a lifetime. While this very personal selection is something that be inspired by the love shared between you and your fiance, it is still fun and informative to take a look at what is trending in the engagement ring world as you make your selection. You might find a tip or idea that directs you to that perfect symbol of your lasting commitment.

Sometimes Being A Little Bit Different is Fun and Special

While there is certainly nothing wrong with the warm and dazzling traditional designs of engagement rings, many people are trending towards having their ring custom designed to reflect their particular tastes and specific sentiments. Custom Designed Wedding Ring Set The most important element of going this route is to have a clear idea of exactly what you want your engagement ring to say. Think about the overall design and feel. Should the ring be gold? Maybe platinum? What type of setting would really dazzle your bride-to-be for many years to come? Have a basic picture in your mind of what you really want, and then take that concept to someone who can bring it to life. This brings us to the next most important element of having your engagement ring custom made: Make absolutely sure the jeweler you have create your ring is someone with a wealth of experience creating custom engagement rings; and can show you samples to back up his or her legacy. Buying a traditional ring is about finding what you want in a catalog or showcase. Having an engagement ring specially designed is putting your trust into an artist's talent. To get an idea of what you should be looking for in a jeweler to create a custom design, Brian Gavin Diamonds illustrates exactly what an engagement ring designer should be. Along with the very important history of creating personalized designer engagement rings, you want your jeweler to be extremely customer focused; completely involved and enthusiastic about your design. Use Brian Gavin Diamonds as a measuring stick as to what you want your jeweler to be and make sure they stack up.

Special Engravings to Really Make an Engagement Ring Speak to Her

While custom engravings on an engagement ring are hardly a new idea, the practice has become increasingly popular. Instead of simply engraving the date or other details, many people are opting for more creative engravings. Maybe it is a simple word or quote that has meaning only to the two of you or perhaps a pet name. Whatever the case, a nice, symbolic engraving can really make an already special ring all that much more unique.

Celebrities Tend to Trend

Many popular trends can be traced back to celebrities. This is also true of engagement rings. Square settings and square cut center engagement diamonds have been seen on the hands of several celebrities recently, such as Ashlee Simpson, Jessica Alba and Mariah Carey. When A-list celebrities, such as these lovely ladies, go with a particular design, it inevitably sets off a ripple effect in the industry. This square cut and setting affection is no different, and their influence will continue to be felt through the winter of 2010.

Doing the Twist

Twisted band designs are also becoming more and more popular. In every type of setting, creatively twisted bands have been being gobbled up by the engagement ring buying public. In response to this, designers have been becoming quite creative with these designs.

Consultation Before Diving In

Engagement ring buyers are becoming savvier about their decisions. Also trending hot into winter 2010 is the idea of getting in-depth and personal with your jeweler, rather than simply looking through showcases and pointing. The stereotype of guys being the clumsy ox grunting his way to an engagement ring decision are going by the wayside. Again, it can't be stressed enough to make sure your jeweler is someone who knows the world of diamonds inside and out. Make sure he or she has the experience and customer service of someone like Brian Gavin Diamonds, who invite people in for a Personalized Diamond Experience. Great customer service is a trend for winter 2010 and far beyond. This is a once in a lifetime decision that your fiance will cherish forever. Don't drop the ball by not being as well-informed as you possibly can.
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