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Dream engagement rings for every bride!

Dream engagement rings for every bride!

Brian Gavin Diamonds specializes in creating dream engagement rings for every bride! We feel that very engagement ring that we create should be a reflection of your unique personality, and this is why we honor the people who order custom rings from us, by naming that ring design after the person who it was commissioned for. We know that you’ve been dreaming of your wedding day for most of your life, and we’re honored to create the perfect ring for you!

One of the best ways to ensure that the ring you receive is perfect for you is to be specific about the type of engagement ring that you desire; don’t confuse your boyfriend by showing him pictures of every diamond engagement ring that you like, only show him pictures of ring styles that you really like, and actually want.

The same concept applies to diamond shapes, if you want Brian Gavin Signature round diamond for a center stone, don’t confuse your boyfriend by showing him pictures of rings that feature cushion cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds, or other popular shapes, because he’s likely to buy one of those shapes since they tend to be less expensive, because they tend to be produced from diamond rough which is less symmetrical than the rough required to produce round brilliant cut diamonds.

What personality type of bride are you?

Brian Gavin Diamonds offers a variety of diamond engagement rings that appeal to the personality of all types of brides, the trick is to know which ring style best appeals to your personality and life style, so that your ring makes a statement as unique as your personality:

An unconventional twist on tradition:

Brian Gavin Three Prong Martini Style Solitaire E-ringThe Brian Gavin 3 prong martini style solitaire offers a perfect twist on the traditional diamond solitaire style engagement ring, by incorporating a traditional ring shank with a more modern three prong head that gives the ring a unique look, which is sure to appeal to brides which tend to be more traditional, while still wanting to express their more unique personality. We make each one of these rings to fit the specific diamond size selected, so every BGD three prong martini setting is unique by its own accord; in addition, you can order the ring in platinum, rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold; and of course, we offer a wide selection of 3 prong martini set diamond earrings and pendants to match!

Simple perfection:

classic Style Half Round Solitaire Brian Gavin DiamondsThe classic style half round solitaire from Brian Gavin offers the simple perfection that every bride with traditional taste craves, because it is the epitome of the classic diamond engagement ring! This is the ring style that women all over the world have fallen in love with, and which every woman recognizes as being the classic engagement ring! The design of this ring has withstood the test of time, and is a time honored tradition, which we are confident will never go out of style! This ring style was first introduced by classic & Co., in the late 1800’s and was quickly adopted by the industry as the classic solitaire style engagement ring because of its simple and elegant styling.

The fairytale engagement:

Crossed Trellis 3 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring Brian GavinThe Crossed Trellis engagement ring from Brian Gavin appeals to the romantic nature of women who appreciate jewelry as works of art, and all that is elegant, because the delicate arches of the ring design, flow effortlessly from one stone to another, creating the look of a trellis-like bridgework that is mesmerizing to look at. This setting is made to order, and can be made for any combination of center stone and accent size configuration; the most popular ratio of center stone to accent stones seems to be accent stones which are one half the size of the center stone, but the ring looks great with accents that are a quarter to one third the size of the center stone as well.

Grace and alluring elegance:

Grace Three Stone E-ring Pear Shape Diamond AccentsThe Grace 3 stone ring from Brian Gavin features pear shape accent stones are the perfect accompaniment for a Brian Gavin Signature Round diamond. The ring shank is tapered towards the top so that the width of the ring appears to be thinner across the top of the finger, making the pear shape diamonds and center stone POP off of the finger! The two pear shape accent diamond weigh about 0.40 carats total weight (0.20 carats each) and are F/G in color and VS in clarity, so they look great with practically any color diamond in the colorless to near colorless and even faint yellow range. This is also one of our favorite settings to use with fancy yellow color diamonds, it’s an absolute classic!

Hollywood glamour:

Square Halo Engagement Ring For Round Diamond Brian Gavin SignatureHalo set diamond engagement rings, like the Round Square set halo from Brian Gavin, are extremely popular with the Hollywood crowd these days; it seems like hardly a week goes by without some Hollywood Starlet announcing her engagement and showing off her new halo set diamond engagement ring on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest. Each ring is made-to-order for the specific center stone selected for the ring, thus you are always ensured of the perfect fit, and of a ring that is essentially custom built just for you! The accent diamonds are chosen from Brian Gavin Signature melee, which is cut to the same standards as other BGD Signature diamonds, so they are always stunning!

And of course, if you don’t find the exact ring that you are looking for within the existing collection of Brian Gavin Signature settings, we’re always more than happy to custom design the diamond engagement ring of your dreams!

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